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Sakura New Town

Springdale (Japanese: さくらニュータウン Sakura Nyuu Taun) is the main setting of the Yo-kai Watch series.

In the first game, Springdale is divided into five counties: Uptown in the center, Downtown to the south, Blossom Heights to the west, and Breezy Hills to the east, with Mt. Wildwood to the north, which in the late game on contains a way into the Yo-kai World.



Uptown Springdale

Uptown Springdale (Japanese: さくら住宅街 Sakura Jūtakugai) is where the beginning of the first and second games take place. It is mainly a residental area, along with some shops that appear near the lower part of the town. It is also home to Springdale Elementary school, where Nate and his friends go.

  • Adams House
  • Forester House
  • Banter Bakery
  • Jungle Hunter
  • Springdale Community Center
  • Piggleston Bank
  • Lambert Post Office
  • Everymart Uptown Springdale Shop
  • The Fish Place
  • Springdale Elementary

Blossom Heights

Blossom Heights (Japanese: 団々坂 Dandan-zaka) is where the second part of Yo-kai Watch takes place.

Downtown Springdale

Downtown Springdale (Japanese: さくら中央シティ Sakura Chūō Shiti)

  • Frostia's Place
  • Arcadia Arcade
  • Nom Burger
  • Fortune Hospital
  • Foundation Academy
  • Springdale Central Station
  • Everymart Downtown Springdale Shop
  • Seabreeze Tunnel
  • Springdale Business Tower
  • Construction Site

Shopper's Row

Shopper's Row (Japanese: おつかい横丁 Otsukai Yokochō)

  • Everymart Shopper's Row Shop
  • Mary's Coin Laundry
  • Whatta Find
  • Superior Style
  • North Wind Ramen
  • Greene's Greens
  • Frank's Butcher Shop
  • Settle In Bookstore
  • Sun Pavilion
  • Tranquility Apartments

Breezy Hills

Breezy Hills (Japanese: そよ風ヒルズ Soyokaze Hiruzu)

  • Archer House
  • Stone House
  • Wisteria Garden
  • Everymart Breezy Hills Shop
  • Trophy Room
  • Gourd Pond Museum

Excellent Tower

Excellent Tower (Japanese: さくらEXツリー Sakura EX Tsurī)

  • Excellent Tower

Mt. Wildwood

Mt. Wildwood (Japanese: おおもり山 Oomori Yama)

  • Wildwood Shrine
  • Sacred Tree
  • Abandoned Tunnel
  • Shrine Behind the Waterfall
  • Yo-kai World


  • It's unknown where Springdale is, though some of the Recap Times do show the geography in both Japanese and English Disney XD dubs.
    • In Japan, it is somewhere between the Kansai and Chogoku regions.
    • The exact location in North America changes. In EP009, it is in Georgia. But EP019 states that it's in the New England area.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Floridablanca
  • French : Granvall-sur-Mer
  • German: Neudorf
  • Italian: Valdoro
  • Russian: Спрингдейл
  • Portuguese:
  • Korean:
  • Chinese:
  • Thai:
  • Arabic"

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