The Springdale Railway (Japanese: さくら鉄道 Sakura Railway) is the rail system that connects various locations within Springdale and its surroundings.

In Yo-kai Watch

The rail system is limited in Yo-kai Watch, with the player only being able to travel between Springdale Central and Sunshine Station. This ability becomes available starting at Chapter 6.

In Yo-kai Watch 2


A list of all the stations in Yo-kai Watch 2.

The rail system is largely expanded in Yo-kai Watch 2. There are now over 20 stations in the railway, several of which allow the player to alight and access new locations not present in the original game. Certain random events can occur while riding the train, such as Yo-kai battles and gifts from NPCs.

The railway becomes available in Chapter 4. To use the railway, the player is required to purchase a day ticket at any station for three dollars, which allows for unlimited rail travel during the current in-game day.

It is possible to obtain an pass for unlimited free rail travel by talking to the conductor at Spring Station. He will give you a stamp card, which you must complete by visiting the stamp box at every station, excluding Mukoudani and Mt. Sakura. Once completed, show the card to the conductor and you will receive your rail pass.

Old Springdale

When the player is in Old Springdale, there is only one coal train service that runs between Harrisville Station and Springdale Central, and costs 300 yen for a one-way journey.


In the post-game of Psychic Specters, the player can obtain a Hexpress Pass, which allows access to the Hexpress train that stops at Mukoudani Station during the night. When the player arrives at the Geragera Abyss Resort, they can take the Yo-kai Express to reach the three attractions at the resort.

In Yo-kai Watch 3

In Yo-kai Watch 3, the railway is mostly the same as it was in the previous game, with the following changes:

  • Aobahara and Greenfields can be accessed by alighting at Green Street Station and Greenfields Station, respectively.
  • Mukoudani and Mt. Sakura stations have been removed, and, by extension, Geragera Abyss Resort.

In the 3.0 Update, Harrisville and San Fantastico had become accessible.

List of stations

Station Line Access to
Sunshine Station Fox Line Blossom Heights
Whimsy Valley Station Fox Line Geragera Abyss Resort (via Hexpress, Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters only)
Mt. Sakura Station Central Line Sawayama Castle (Yo-kai Watch 2 only)
Spring Station Central Line Excellent Tower
Springdale Central Station Central Line, Central Line Express Downtown Springdale
Green Street Station Central Line Aobahara (Yo-kai Watch 3 only)
Hibarly Hills Station Central Line
Petal Peak Station Central Line
Factory Row Station Central Line
Sweet Meadow Station Central Line
Fortune Place Station Central Line, Central Line Express
Skybridge Station Central Line
Dreamer's Field Station Central Line
Ridgemont Station Central Line
Bayside Station Central Line
San Fantastico Station Central Line San Fantastico Fishing Port (Yo-kai Watch 2 and Version 3.0 of Yo-kai Watch 3 only)
Greenfields Station Echo Line Greenfields (Yo-kai Watch 3 only)
Temple Park Station Echo Line
Dingle Falls Station Echo Line
Harrisville Station Echo Line
Scarfit Downs Station Echo Line


In other languages

  • Italian: Ferrovie di Valdoro

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