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St. Peanutsburg
St. Peanutsburg (Japanese: セイントピーナッツバーグ Seinto Piinattsubaagu) is a city in the USA, and a primary setting in Yo-kai Watch 3.

The city is divided into three main districts: South Mond Area, North Pista Area, and East Cashew Area. There are also many other areas surrounding the city, such as the Damien Farm and Secret Base.

In the games

In the introduction of Yo-kai Watch 3, the Adams family moves to St. Peanutsburg from Springdale, as Dad's workplace has been relocated by his company. Their house is in the southern part of South Mond Area.

As the story progresses, the rest of the city becomes available to explore.

South Mond Area

North Pista Area

East Cashew Area


  • St. Peanutsburg is a reference to the American city of St. Petersburg, Florida.
    • Additionally, the names of the three areas, (Al)Mond, Pista(chio), and Cashew, are all different types of nuts.

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