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スットン卿, Sutton-kyo
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Attribute Rank
Drain icon Rank C icon
Time Type
Sutton-kyo is not numbered.
Side-games number
Sutton-kyo is not numbered.
Skill Effect
Favorite food
Sutton-kyo has no favorite food.
Side-game favorite food
Sutton-kyo has no favorite food.
Base Stats
Total: 0
Stats of Sutton-kyo is unknown.
Sutton-kyo (Japanese: スットン卿 Sutton-kyo) is a Rank C Drain-attribute Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe.


Sutton-kyo is humanoid gentleman Yo-kai. He has yellow hair and a yellow mustache and wears a white tuxedo outfit and a matching white top hat. He carries a cane in his right hand.

Sutton-kyo normally behaves very classy and gentlemanly -this is evident when he visites a café and orders tea, befitting his noblity background as when alive.- However, he can enter into a total state of disarray, especially when he is caught off-guard.

He causes the inspirited to be in disarray.


Yo-kai Watch Animation Series

Sutton-kyo appears in EP175, in which he causes Nate to feel nervous when doing anything. Upon being confronted, he reveals his backstory. When he was alive, he was a Nobleman whose romantic partner tended to play pranks frecquently, which oddly never upseted him, but upon revealing she had a new fiancee, he fell in disarray. Sutton-kyo inspirites Nate and causes him to summon Jibanyan, who also inspirited as well. This causes both of them to want to settle the score and decide to enlist several Yo-kai to make Sutton-kyo feel the same disarray when visiting a café. However, he never truly loses his composture and confronts Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan, who seemingly feel regret, until they reveal their faces are blank -thanks to Faysoff's powers- which causes Sutton-kyo to feel disarray for real and pass out.


"Sutton-kyo" is derived from suttonkyou (in disarray) and -kyou (lord)


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