Touma Tsukinami (Japanese: 月浪トウマ Tsukinami Touma) is a character that appears in the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside series. In the fourth movie, he is seen as a minor antagonist.


Physical Traits

Touma is a light-skinned boy with short dark green-toned hair and brown eyes. However under the influence of the Onimaro his eyes glow red. After gaining the Yo-Kai Watch Ogre, he eyes will change colour (depending on which Yo-kai he chooses to transform into) during his transformation.

In the movie, he wears a highschool uniform consisting of a white shirt, a pale yellow vest, a blue blazer, a blue tie, black pants and shoes.


Due to his parents rarely being home and being a target of getting bullied, Touma seemed to have a very cold and aloof personality. Avoiding making friends, Touma seemed very distant to many people. He was shown to be quite apathetic. However, deep down inside, Touma can be described as a very kind person.

His personality seems to drastically change to a more fanboy-like way if the card game, "Lighting Speed Age" is involved. He is shown to act slightly more awkwardly when put in an awkward position, When Sendou Rei was in the shower and asked Touma to get her a couple things, Touma had a very odd reaction, while trying to keep his cool. He seems to have a soft spot for when it comes to his lonely childhood.


Natsume Amano

He met Natsume when they were in elementary school when she had scratched her knee and he had helped her. However they eventually grew apart and didn't interact much until the events of the Onimaro, where he was against Natsume. Soon, after Natsume cured the darkness in his heart, after that he and Natsume have been shown to have a strong friendship.

Mafuyu Tsukinami

Mafuyu is Touma's mother. As a child, Touma felt neglected by his parents, however it was soon revealed that they did truly love him.

Akinori Arihoshi

The two are very good friends, however Touma seems to find Akinori's overly bubbly personality to be slightly unnerving.

Keisuke Amano



Touma has both antagonist role and protagonist role in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King.

With his parents rarely being home, and him getting bullied by other people, Touma feels lonely and frustrated. The Onimaro end up using this to their advantage to draw Touma on their side, gifting him the "Kigan Gear", a device that allows Touma to wield inhuman power.

Kigan Gear

Touma wearing the Kigan Gear

For a while Touma helps the Onimaro in spreading their infection, but eventually he runs into Natsume at the airport where they fought against one another. Despite winning, he got knocked out and was taken to Kitaro who helped enter his heart, where they could cure the darkness in his heart, and he then joins Natsume and the others in their fight against the Oni King Rasen. Soon the Kigan Gear is turned into the Yo-kai Watch Ogre, giving him the ability to turn into 4 different kinds of Yo-kai.


After the events of the movie, Touma has joined Natsume and Akinori to become the Yo-kai Watch Detective Agency, that solves supernatural incidents. Touma's ability is to be able to turn into different Yo-kai. Haruya seems to be interested in him.


His family name "Tsukinami" (Japanese: 月浪) literally translates to "moon wave".

His given name is likely taken from "tō" (Japanese: winter), being one of the four seasons, which Akinori, Natsume, and Haruya are also named for.


  • He is the first Yo-kai Watch User to:
    • be an antagonist before becoming a protagonist.

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