The LinQ Yo-kai Senbatsu (L to R): Kaizuki Rana, Yamaki Ayano, Sakai Asaka, MYU, Takaki Yumi, Araki Sakura, Amano Natsu, and Yoshikawa Chiaki Sara
Artist LinQ
Episodes Japanese 8th ending:
EP151 - EP178
Previous Furusato Japon
Next Harokuri Dance

Treasure (Japanese: トレジャー Torejā) is the 8th ending song for the Yo-kai Watch anime.

The 8 members of the Kyushu-based local idol girl group selected for the song are Takaki Yumi, Araki Sakura, Yamaki Ayano, MYU, Yoshikawa Chiaki Sara, Kaizuki Rana, Sakai Asaka, and Amano Natsu.



Official Music Video

Japanese Version Korean Version
LinQ 「トレジャー」ミュージックビデオ(ショートver

LinQ 「トレジャー」ミュージックビデオ(ショートver.)

This song is yet to be dubbed into Korean.


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Anime Ending



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  • This is the 1st season 3 Japanese ending.
  • The B-side released in the official single, known as "Sukiyaki ga Suki Sugiru" (I Just Love Sukiyaki Too Much) is named in reference to Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki.
  • This song is LinQ's lowest-selling single to date, selling less than 700 units in the first week of sales and charting at #69 on the Oricon weekly singles chart. This is the first time since 2011 that a single by LinQ has failed to enter the top 20.
  • The LinQ Yo-kai Senbatsu underwent significant changes:
    • LinQ Lady member Sugimoto Yusa, who appeared in Furusato Japon, left from LinQ at the time of this song's release.
    • LinQ Lady member Momosaki Mayu, who also appeared in Furusato Japon, was replaced by LinQ Qty member MYU. Ironically, MYU herself is a fan of Yo-kai Watch.
    • Despite appearing in the music video, LinQ Lady member Amano Natsu left LinQ to concentrate on rehabilitation after her knee anterior cruciate ligament surgery.
  • The LinQ Yo-kai Senbatsu will start a new group with fellow LinQ members Fukuyama Kana and Sakura Manami, fellow LinQ Lady member Kohinata Maina, and new LinQ member Chisa Ando.