Unbelievaboy! (Japanese: アンビリバ坊 Anbiribabou) is a Rank E, Fire-attribute Merican Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.

Unbelievaboy! evolves into Bad Boya when fused with a Bad Ball.



A light pink-skinned baby humanoid Yo-kai, Unbelievaboy! has a bronze colored wisp on top of his head as hair and wears a blue mask (or goggles), red cape, nappy, and blue shoes.

Anyone Inspirited by Unbelievaboy! acts like a baby.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Power Punch (Japanese: ぶんなぐる Bunnaguru) Single enemy
No description.
Technique Fire (Japanese: 火花の術 Hibana no Jutsu) Fire Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Sense of Wonder (Japanese: 驚異の力を呼び起こす Kyōi no Chikara o Yobiokosu)
Soultimate Move Whirling Wallop (Japanese: びっくるくるパンチ Bikkurukuru Punch)
Skill Explosive Power (Japanese: 爆発力 Bakuhatsu-ryoku)
First attack will always land a critical.



His name derives from unbelievable (Japanese: アンビリバボー Anbiribaboo) and bou (Japanese: "baby).

His english name Unbelievaboy is portmanteau of Unbelievable and Boy.

His Spsnish name, Superniñato is a combination of Súper (Hereo normal name) and Niñato (Disdainful way to call a child).


  • It is shown in the anime, that if you remove Unbelievabou's mask, he will act like a normal baby.

In other languages

  • Italian Incredibimbo
  • Spanish: Superniñato