Unshelltered (Japanese: カラヤブリ Karayaburi) is a Ice-attribute Rank D Merican Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe.



Unshelltered is an egg-like Yo-kai with thin arms and legs. He has green eyes with white irises. He has a large crack on top of his head and a red swirl on his belly.

Unshelltered has the ability to help Yo-kai break out of their shells, using various techniques to do so, even resorting to becoming a thief.


Like certain Yo-kai, Unshelltered was once a human, one who was not very confident in himself, and tried to break free of his "shell". But before he could, he lost his life in a tragic accident when he fell down a tall flight of stone stairs when he twisted his ankle upon a misstep.

In order to help out Yo-kai in his own view, Unshelltered reinvented himself as the Carl SanFantastico (Japanese: 怪盗コパン Kaitō Kopan) and began a spree of robberies centered around a Yo-kai's sense of identity that ended with him returning the stolen items back to Hailey Anne and Usapyon, yet he had always managed to elude the duo. His luck finally ran out and his real identity was revealed when the duo finally cornered him when he slid on a banana peel after he had stolen and returned Usapyon's suit.

When he gave his story and why he had done everything, Hailey and Usapyon decided to help him actually break out of his shell, though Usapyon had to prevent Hailey from using a hammer and instead used a small rock. They accidentally ended up breaking the egg Yo-kai after they broke Unshelltered apart five times, with him getting smaller and smaller with each consecutive peeling until there was nothing left. After a moment of panic, Usapyon and Hailey scooped up Unshelltered's shell fragments into trash bags and placed them outside for garbagemen to deal with them.

After this, the Hapyon Detective Agency officially shut down, most likely resulting in large protests from other Yo-kai who still needed help.

Game data


  • Unshelltered's name is a corruption of the word "unsheltered", which means to be helpless or unprotected. His name also refers to the word "shell" as in an egg shell.
  • "Cascarito" is a corruption of "Cáscara" (Shell), meaning a egg shell.
  • "Uovuoto" is a combination of "Uovo" (Egg) and "Rotto" (Broken).


In other languages

  • Italian: Uovuoto
  • Spanish: Cascarito