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Usuta-san (Japanese: 臼田さん Usuta-san) is a Yo-kai set to appear in the fifth movie Yo-kai Watch Forever Friends.



Usuta-san resembles Whisper 2040, a white colored Yo-kai with similar hair & ears and wears a butler's uniform along with a similar grin. The only difference is he has short eyebrows, a grayish purple colored hair which lacks a wisp shape on top on his head, a round nose instead of a hollow nose, and has two legs.

He also has characteristics of Whisper in the original series, with the black line connecting around his two eyes with the same color.



Usuta-san is the butler of Itsuki's family, and aids him and his friends in their efforts.



  • Despite his resemblance to Whisper, he doesn't appear to be the same Yo-kai.