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Venoct's Revenge is a Mini Corner featuring the Slippery tribesman Venoct, in search for the Yo-Kai Rubeus J.


The Search

The Wandering Orochi Part 1 Title

"Venoct's Revenge 1: The Search"
  • Venoct arrives in Springdale in search of Rubeus J. He finds Jibanyan instead, then he describes Rubeus J as a creature who defeated machines with his bare hands and feeds on hardened lumps of his grudge against humans in order to replenish his strength. Venoct does not suspect that his description matches Jibanyan very closely.

Enemy Camp

The Wandering Orochi Part 2 Title

"'Venoct's Revenge 2: Enemy Camp"

  • Venoct lands in the Adams House and asks Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan about Rubeus J, while describing the fiendish Yo-kai's subordinates: a Lupine creature who likes swinging a flail (which matches Nate's Father), a beautiful, violent woman who enjoys slicing people (which matches Nate's mother) and a white strategist (which matches Whisper) and a page with no special qualities (which matches Nate).

Army of Evil

The Wandering Orochi Part 3 Title

"Venoct's Revenge 3: The Army of Evil"
  • Venoct's search leads him to Springsdale Elementary, in which describes to Nate about Rubeus J's deadly training which he imposes to his army, which matches dodgeball matches in Nate's school.

The Truth

The Wandering Orochi Final part Title

"TVenoct's Revenge: The Truth"
  • Venoct's search brings him back to the starting point. Jibanyan tries to muster the courage to fight Venoct as he feels he is Rubeus J, but each time he asks Venoct what he will do to Rubeus J, he loses it. Suddenly, it turns Rubeus J was real all along, as he appears with his army. Venoct then recalls how he, as a human, suffered the destruction of his village at the hands of Rubeus J and turned into a Yo-kai, and dedicated his afterlife for the sole purpose of avenging his life by defeating Rubeus J. Venoct, after a hard battle, defeats Rubeus J. The feline Yo-kai then taunts Venoct telling him he answers to Hardy Hound. This fuels Venoct's desire to find and defeat him. Nate then notes Hardy Hound's description matches Komasan .


  • This story arc marks the debut of Venoct, which first appeared in the Bony Spirits opening, and Rubeus J. Hardy Hound is mentioned and referenced.
  • Ruebus J's army bears a strong resemblance to TMNT' Shredder Goons.

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