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Warubo V5 (Japanese: ワルボV5 Warubo V5) is a Fire-attribute Boss Yo-kai, and one of the Gogogo Family's executives.



Being a recolored form of Yoppu-kun, Warubo V5 is a robot very much like him, but darker in color.

His head is cylindrical in shape, with two small horn-like potrusions, and a blue wisp on top. A small yellow ball is attack to the wisp, giving it the appearance of a small hat.

His eyes are displayed via a small monitor on his face, and can change to different designs to show his mood, though it is not known how many expressions he is capable of doing.

His body is vaguely box-shaped, with the Gogogo Godtower's eye logo being printed on his chest. He usually has two wire-like arms, with two black, glove-like hands. Unlike Yoppu-kun, his hands also feature claw like spikes on their fingertips.

A second, larger, blue wisp seems to act as his means of moving around.

When fighting, his wisps turn purple, and his horn-like potrusions grow in size. He also opens his mouth to reveal many sharp spikes, resembling teeth, and his eyes turn to an angry expression. Most notably, he will pull out a second pair of arms, wielding a laser gun and a missile launcher.

Warubo V5 possesses a foul mouth, cursing frequently. Despite having a somewhat aloof personality, he can also seem eager to please, occasionally trying to make funny jokes.

Warubo V5 can launch bombs and from his stomach and spout fire from his mouth. He is also shown to be able to fly through the air to some extent, using his wisp to propel himself.

Warubo V5 was originally created by Yopple Inc., but at some point he ended up breaking, and was stored in a dark room. After being left there for a long time, eventually the Gogogo Family took him from there, and fixed him. He joined them afterwards.


Yo-kai Watch 3

Warubo V5 appears in Chapter 10, guiding Nate and the others though the Gogogo Godtower, while making them complete various tasks, including a boss battle with him, before they're allowed to face Gogogo Godfather himself.

After a certain post-game request, he can be found working at Yopple Inc.'s factory, trying to earn enough money to get his face remodeled to look less scary, so that he may become friends with a pony.

Game Data


Warubo V5 could possibly be derived from both "warui" (Japanese: 悪い bad) and "robo" (Japanese: ロボ robot). The "5" in his name might be alluding to the "555" theme of Gogogo Godfather.


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