Warunolin (Japanese: ワルノリン Warunorin) is a Rank S Lightning-attribute Merican Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.

In Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, he is a Rank SS Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.


Warunolin is a muscular, humanoid Yo-kai with a single cycloptic eye with two irises, the outer iris a light blue and the other a bright pink. He wears an orange jumpsui with black accents, brown boots and gloves and a red scarf. On his back is a single katana.

Warunolin has an obnoxious amount of self-worth, and calls himself a "Legendary Hero", to the point of creating a fake Legend Page for himself for a Request. He also draws pictures of himself in Sukiyaki's ending.


Warunorin is the main target of the Request I am the Super Legendary Hero!, where he tasks Nate and friends to befriend 6 female Yo-kai in order to recruit him: Blizzaria, Insomni, Everfore, Mermadonna, Smogmella, and Unkaind. Once done, Warunorin begins talking to them one by one, eventually grating on Nate, Whisper's, and Jibanyan's nerves, and so to vent it, Nate summons all the girls out at once, much to Warunorin's horror. The girls soon realize what's going on and quickly punished Warunorin for his insolence. The battered Warunorin gives Nate his Medal before he disappears from his wounds.

He returns shortly afterwards.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Lightning Slash (Japanese: 閃光ぎり Senkō Giri) 24x3 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Lightning (Japanese: いかずちの術 Ikazuchi no Jutsu) 80-120 Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Good Riddance (Japanese: 悪乗りさせる Warunori-saseru) Single enemy
Confuses an enemy in an attempt to get rid of their allies.
Soultimate Move Riddance Sword (Japanese: ワルノリおふざ剣 Warunori-ofuza Ken) 190 One column
Slashes seemingly at random, but keeps his blade's dance focused solely ahead.
Skill Hunter (Japanese: ハンター Hantā)
Takes away a potential item from a Yo-kai you attacked.


"Warunolin" might be a play on both "warunori" (Japanese: 悪乗り "jest" or "joke") or "warunorisuru" (Japanese: 悪乗りする "to get carried away", "to overdo it", "to push one's luck").


His design is inspired by Marvel's Deadpool.


He often uses the cutesy pronoun "boku-chan" (Japanese: ボクちゃん) to refer to himself in Japanese.