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Whapir (Japanese: ハク Haku) is a Rank C Drain-attribute Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.


She looks similar to Baku, except that she has a white color scheme. Her eyes are blue and the flower-like mark on her head is pink.


In the anime, Whapir strives for being useful with her powers, to the point of asking for a job in Hailey Anne and Usapyon's detective agency for free. She is very polite and docile.


Hailey Anne and Usapyon

Ever since Whapir asked for a job in Hailey Anne and Usapyon's detective agency, she has proven to be very useful and helpful in their mystery cases.

Abilities and Powers

Similar to Baku's dream projection, Whapir can project the memories of Yo-kai and people by first drawing them into her trunk akin to broken glass, then shoots out the whole picture.


Haku YW3-011
Stats Calculation
This shows Whapir's stat on level: 99.

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Slap 10 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Drain 50 Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Sweet Dreams Single ally
Gradually restores an ally's HP with the power of dreams.
Soultimate Move Daydream Restoration All allies
Heals the heart and HP of its allies with happy dreams.
Skill Good Fortune
Will increase money at the end of a battle.

How To Befriend

Yo-kai Watch

Whapir is found in Tranquility Apartments (Shopper's Row) inside room C-303.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Whapir can be found under cars in San Fantastico.


  • Befriended: "Be my friend! I'll show you some good dreams in exchange!"
  • Loafing:
  • Receiving food (favourite): "Phew, yummy!"
  • Receiving food (normal): "*Chompchomp*"
  • Receiving food (disliked):
  • Freed from Crank-a-kai:


Whapir first appears in EP088, when she arrives at Usapyon and Hailey's place and asks for a job in their detective agency. Hailey hires her and nicknames her "Hakkun", which Whapir likes. Usapyon insists she must have a test, and the opportunity presents when the first case of the agency starts: Slicenrice arrives to ask for help in solving a murder case involving his comrades. Whapir then eats Slicenrice's memories and projects them, explaining her powers in the process.

From this point onwards, Whapir's abilites prove to be useful to narrow the suspects of each 'murder' case given the circumstances of each one of them.

Even after the detective agency closed down, she still hangs out with Hailey and Usapyon from time to time.


  • When snapped in the Yo-kai Cam, her tip is, "Get a good nap! I think that helps give you good dreams!"


See Baku#Origin.

Name Origin

  • "Whapir" is a contraction of "white tapir"; tapirs being the animal the Baku is said to resemble.
  • "Haku" means simply "white" (Japanese: Haku, In the Kan'on method), while punning with "baku"

In other languages

  • Spanish: Blanpir
  • German: Wapir
  • Italian: Blantapiro
  • French: Tapur
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Antalva