YoukaiWatch/Whisper Quotes Wiki (Trapped in the Crank-a-kai) “Feed me… Feed meee.. Feed me… Feed meee… Feed me right now!”

(Pops out of the Capsule) “Hello! My name is Whisper. I am a Yo-kai! Pleased to meet you. Charmed.”

“I am a Yo-kai!” “A Yo-kai! Did I stutter? I’m a Yo-kai! Do you know what that is?! Oh, you kids! Why, I remember that day 190 years ago like it was yesterday… A monk was convinced I was some sort of evil spirit and sealed me into a rock! Oh, the Yo-manity! It’s 190 years! Can you imagine it? That’s 19 decades! That’s 2,280 months! That’s 9,880 weeks! That’s 69,397 days! That’s…"

(Need quote before the player starts to back away) “HEY! Where are you going?!”

“At least let me finish my story before you try to sneak off!”

“Ohoho, bugs, eh? Why settle for boring old bugs, may I ask? You you be interested in searched for some Yo-kai instead?!”

“Put aside the bug net, and try out this precious little beauty instead!”

Whisper gives player the Yo-kai Watch

“This is the Yo-kai Watch! Wearing it makes the impossible…possible! You can use this watch to see other Yo-kai!”

“Oh, come now! Don’t be so lazy! Try some adventure! Some excitement!”

Yo-kai Watch reacts to a Yo-kai nearby

“Oho, the Yo-kai Watch is reacting! There must be another Yo-kai nearby! I’m getting some odd sensations from that tree over there. Let’s take a look!”

Tutorial 1

“Press up on the +Control Pad to switch your watch to Radar Mode. See if you can use the Yo-kai Radar to find hidden Yo-kai! The radar will show you how close you are to the hidden Yo-kai. The radar will also show the rank of the hidden Yo-kai. Examine the areas where the needle picks up hidden Yo-kai!”

If player talks to whisper at Sacred Tree

“That tree over there looks suspicious! Let’s investigate it!”

Player interacts with tree

“Of course you don’t! You’re trying to see with your eyes…not your wrist! See that button on the side? Push it.”

Player presses the button

“That’s no bubble, my friend! That’s a Yo-kai Lens! If you just take a look through that beauty, you’ll be able to see Yo-kai! Now, let’s go ahead and take a look at your lens in action!”

Tutorial 2

“Line up the lens with a hidden Yo-kai to start analyzing it. The gauge around the lens will fill up when you’ve uncovered the Yo-kai. Keep the lens on the fleeing Yo-kai until the gauge is full!”

After Buhu is analyzed

“Ho ho, look there!”

After talking to Buhu

“I think we may have made it upset. It might be getting ready to attack you.”

“Simple! Just call forth the rest of your Yo-kai friends!”

“That’s a little rude to your cicada friend you caught there…”

After player receives Cadin’s medal

“Your first Yo-kai Medal! Congratulations are definitely in order!”

“(player)! It’s time for your first battle! Good luck!”

Tutorial 3

“Your Yo-kai will fight on its own, even if you don’t do anything. But if you want to help, select Soultimate to do a Soultimate Charge! Follow the instructions to fill up your Yo-kai’s Soul Meter… And unleash your Soultimate Move on the enemy Yo-kai!”

After player befriends Buhu

“Another medal! Double congratulations! The more Yo-kai friends you make, the more Yo-kai Medals you’ll get! If you place them in this very handy book, you should be all set!”

Tutorial 4

“You can check the Yo-kai Medallium from the Info screen. It contains information about each Yo-kai you’ve collected. The last pages of the Yo-kai Medallium are the Legend Pages! Collect the eight medals on a page to cause a nifty little surprise to happen!”


“So how’s that? Think you understand Yo-kai a little better now?”

“Ohohoho! I understand but Yo-kai are everywhere in the city, you see! Like over there! And over there. So you see…? There are Yo-kai hidden all over in plain sight. You may not be able to to see them, but they’re everywhere! So let’s take that Yo-kai Watch… And start using it to make some Yo-kai friends! OK?”

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