The Wicked tribe (Japanese: 怪魔族 Kaima-zoku) are a special ninth part of the Yo-kai Tribes introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2. They are divided into three groups:

  • Elite Wicked, a group composed by powerful, humanoid Yo-kai ranked S born from Dame Dedtime's negative qualities, which are the first Yo-kai in this tribe listed in the Yo-kai Medallium, found after the Legendary Yo-kai and before the Local Yo-kai.
  • Wicked Servants, a group of Classic Yo-kai, controlled by Wicked creatures, appearing similar to their normal counterparts, with the difference being their darker color scheme and a purple foggy mask with red eyes in their faces. All Classic Yo-kai below Rank A have been promoted 1 Rank above their original rank.(Other then Smogmella and Mad Kappa)
  • A third group of Wicked Yo-Kai which are not registered in the Yo-kai Medallium and cannot be befriended. They are also responsible for putting the Classic Yo-kai under Dedtime's control and turning them into Wicked Servants.

Although the player can get their Yo-kai Medals complete with their own summoning song in the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, they are unusable in battle until Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters; after Dame Dedtime revives into Dame Deartime (thus ending the "Tamer of Time" request), the player can find them and then befriend the Wicked Executives around the different buildings of Springdale. In addition to using the Elite Wicked, the player can "evolve" Classic Yo-kai into their Wicked Servant counterparts by combining them with the Essence of Evil.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, the Wicked tribe no longer have a unique summoning song in the Dream Watch, instead, they share the same summoning song as Boss Medals.

The emblem for the Wicked Tribe is a sickle shape accompanied with a circle on a blackish purple background.

The Wicked Tribe is the only Tribe that remained unchanged during the 30-year gap of time between the original and Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside.

Summoning Chant

Yo-kai Watch Model Zero

Unlike the previously established tribes with the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, which are replaced with instrumental versions of their original summoning chants, the Wicked have their own summoning chant.

Japanese: In the games and when playing with the toys, their chant when held at the 1 position is: "Kaima, Kaima! Did you call us now? For real now!?" (Japanese: カーイマカーイマ!呼んだカーイマ?本当カーイマ!? Kāima Kāima! Yonda kā ima? Hontō kā ima!?) [1] with Latin Jazz-themed music.

English: Wicked, sticked! Who's calling Wicked? Icked, Wicked! Hey!

French: Perfide, qui a dit Perfide ? Allons, ne sois pas timide, Perfide c'est du soliiiide ! HEY !!!

Yo-kai Watch U

For the Wicked Yo-kai, the style of music is similar to scat music.

English: In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: Wicked! Stic-ked! We're Wi-ckkkkkkkkk-ed! Japanese: In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "Kaima, Kaima! Ka-i-maaaaaaaaa~! (Japanese: カイマ!カイマ!カーイマー! Kaima! Kaima! Kāimā!).

Yo-kai Watch Dream

In the anime and when playing with the toys, their chant is: "The strongest, the worst! Why are you crying?! (Japanese: 最強!最悪!何が出てきても泣けてくる~! Saikyō! Saiaku! Nani ga dete kite mo naketekuru~!). This is shared with Boss Yo-kai.

List of Wicked Yo-kai

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank S icon YW9-032 Unfairy Drain Snacks
Rank S icon YW9-031 Unkaind Water Seafood
Rank S icon YW9-028 Untidy Earth Meat
Rank S icon YW9-029 Unpleasant Wind Oden
Rank S icon YW9-030 Unkeen Lightning Curry
Rank C icon Moderzunge Artwork Grublappa Lightning Oden
Rank B icon Grapschmampf Artwork Madmunch Earth Oden
Rank A icon None Badsmella Wind Sweets
Rank A icon YW9-027 Mad Kappa Water Veggies
Rank D icon YW9-023 Shamasol Wind Oden
Rank C icon YW9-025 Gnomine Restoration Snacks
Rank C icon YW9-024 Defectabull Restoration Sushi
Rank D icon None Feargus Earth Rice Balls
Rank C icon YW9-026 Scaremaiden Water Sweets
Rank B icon None Wrongnek Restoration Sweets

List of Wicked Yo-kai (Shadowside)

Rank Name Attribute Favorite Food
SSS Soranaki ? Soba
SS Oniou Rasen ? Meat
S Onimaro Leader ? Soba
B Onimaro (One Eye) ? Candy
B Ogu ? ?
B Onimaro (Two Eyes) ? Ramen
B Togu ? ?
B Onimaro (Three Eyes) ? Curry
B Mogu ? ?

Other Wicked Yo-kai

Rank Name Attribute Favorite Food
? Loiter Drain ?
? Schemer Wind ?
? Flicker Restoration ?

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 怪魔族
Flag of France French Perfide
Flag of Spain Spanish Maléfico
Flag of Germany German Fiesa
Flag of Italy Italian Spettrale
Flag of Russia Russian Злые (YW2)
Нехорошие (WW)