Wiglin (Japanese: ワカメくん Wakame-kun) is a Rank E, Restoration-attribute Yo-kai of the Heartful tribe.

As of Yo-kai Watch 2, Wiglin evolves into Kelpacabana starting at level 17. Additionally, as of the 2.0 update in Yo-kai Watch 3, Wiglin can evolve into Sunny Lettuce-san by being fused with Merican Flour.



Wiglin is a green-skinned seaweed-like Yo-kai with diminutive black eyes. He wears a turquoise haori with eye-like markings on the sleeves, white pants and a white bow on his head. Wiglin is an energetic and cheerful Yo-kai who loves to dance.

This Yo-kai makes people dance very well, along with his friends Rhyth and Steppa.

In the anime, Wiglin, Steppa and Rhyth are seen together, being collectively known as the 'Yo-kai Dancers' and the 'Dancing Trio'.

In Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters, Wiglin is the center of a sidequest involving all three of them.


Yo-kai Watch

Wiglin appears in shallows at Rolling Waves Park during the day (Downtown Springdale).

Yo-kai Watch 2

Wiglin can be found in the Seaside Cave in San Fantastico.

Yo-kai Watch Animation Series

Wiglin debuts in EP013 along with Steppa and Rhyth, in which they cause Nate to be able to dance when previously was not able to. While initially grateful, Nate quickly curses this new ability when it takes him to the extreme by causing him to dance even in inappropriate situations. Some time after this, the Yo-kai Dancers give Nate their Yo-kai Medals.

In EP024, Nate summons Wiglin, Steppa, and Rhyth to make Tengloom smile. However, this plan backfires and all of them fall rolling down to a three, which ironically makes Tengloom smile.

In EP027, Wiglin, Steppa, and Rhyth are seen in Yo-kai-lifornia where they are among the Yo-kai waiting in line for the release of the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Wiglin can be freed from the Crank-a-kai uing a Green Coin.

Game Data


Restoration Attribute
Wakamekun YW2-024
Pokapoka medal

Level 17
Restoration Attribute
Wakamesutaa YW4-023
Pokapoka medal


Restoration Attribute
Wakamekun YW2-024
Pokapoka medal
Fire Attribute


Fire Attribute



Wakamekun YW2-024
Stats Calculation
This shows Wiglin's stat on level: 99.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Slap (Japanese: はたく Hataku) 10 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Heal (Japanese: いやしの術 Iyashi no Jutsu) 20 Restoration Single ally
No description.
Inspirit Healthy Wakame (Japanese: ワカメの健康パワー Wakame no kenkō pawā) Single ally
Uses seaweed to raise an ally's STR.
Soultimate Move Wiggling Wave All allies
Raise the cheer and DEF of all allies with a crazy tune.
Skill Wavy Body (Japanese: ひらひらボディー Hirahira bodī)
Dodges attacks like you wouldn't believe!


  • Befriended: "You like my wigglin'? Then let's wiggle together, why don't we?"
  • Loafing: "*wilt*"
  • Receiving food (favourite): "Tasty broth!"
  • Receiving food (normal): "This is average."
  • Receiving food (disliked): "You tried..."
  • Freed from the Crank-a-kai: "Those who dance together stay together. Wiggle on!"


  • "Wiglin" is a corruption of wiggling.
  • "Wakame-kun" comes from wakame (若布), the Undaria pinnatifida species of edible seaweed.
  • "Cimbrón" is a corruption of cimbra.


  • He is voiced by Alicyn Packard (English) and Masahito Yabe (Japanese).
  • Wiglin, along with Rhyth and Steppa are the only Yo-Kai capable of equipping "Cheery Coat".
  • Wiglin views Steppa as a rival.
  • There is a mistranslation in Yo-kai Watch Blasters where he, Rhyth and Steppa instead of saying the "Dancing Trio" in their introduction say the Japanese group name "Triple Sea"

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ワカメくん Wakame-kun
Flag of France French Noripop
Flag of Spain Spanish Cimbrón
Flag of Germany German Walza
Flag of Italy Italian Danz
Flag of Brazil
Flag of Portugal
Flag of South Korea Korean 미역군 Miyeokgun
Flag of the Republic of China
Flag of the People's Republic of China
  • Thai: วาคาเมะคุง
  • Arabic: سرخس