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The Wind Attribute (Japanese: 風属性 Kaze-zokusei) is one of the 8 Yo-kai attributes.

Most of the Yo-kai of this attribute are of the Shady and Charming tribes. Wind Yo-kai are strong over Earth Yo-kai but are weak against Ice Yo-kai.

List of Wind-attribute Yo-kai

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank E icon Daraketo YW6-002 Cutta-nah Juice
Rank C icon Zanbarato Cutta-nah-nah Juice
Rank A icon Masamune YW3-002 Sheen Seafood
Rank S icon Bushinyan YW2-007 Shogunyan Seafood
Rank E icon Wasurenbou YW1-006 Wazzat Candy
Rank D icon Motemoten YW5-006 Cupistol Sweet Things
Rank A icon Motemacool Casanuva Sweet Things
Rank S icon Homuratengu YW4-009 Tengu Candy
Rank B icon Goruma Goruma Curry
Rank S icon Platinumkaku Castelius Max Milk
Rank E icon Semimaru YW1-025 Cadin Juice
Rank C icon Kagemaru YW1-029 Cadable Juice
Rank B icon Togenyan Thornyan Chocobars
Rank D icon YW9-017 Lodo Milk
Rank A icon Hyohenna Reversette Bread
Rank E icon Dimmy Dimmy Rice Balls
Rank B icon Kagero Blandon Rice Balls
Rank A icon Kaimu Nul Rice Balls
Rank D icon Hikikomori YW1-044 Hidabat Meat
Rank A icon Tojikomori Abodabat Meat
Rank A icon Yadokoumori Belfree Meat
Rank C icon Nekurama Tengu YW2-030 Tengloom Bread
Rank B icon Yomitengu YW1-046 Nird Bread
Rank A icon Negasus Negasus Vegetables
Rank E icon Tohohogisu YW2-033 Buhu Bread
Rank C icon Bukakko Flumpy Bread
Rank A icon Shinigamidori Skreek Bread
Rank C icon Mudazukai YW2-040 Spenp Bread

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank B icon Fuyunyan EYW-001 Hovernyan Seafood
Rank B icon None Moximous N Snacks
Rank E icon Sakasakkasa YW4-007 Brokenbrella Snacks
Rank B icon Houzzat Houzzat Candy
Rank D icon Koenra Smogling Sweet Things
Rank A icon Enraenra YW7-009 Smogmella Sweet Things
Rank C icon Apelican YW5-007 Apelican Hamburgers
Rank B icon Jetnyan YW7-020 Jetnyan Chocobars
Rank A icon Suikanyan YW6-021 Watermelnyan Chocobars
Rank S icon Master Nyaada EYW-004 Master Nyada Seafood
Rank S icon Netaballerina YW5-014 Spoilerina Sweet Things
Rank E icon Karakasa Obake YW4-022 Pallysol Oden Stew
Rank A icon YW13-003 Supoor Hero Milk
Rank D icon Jingisugisukan PYW-115 Grumpus Khan Meat
Rank B icon PYW-124 Groupus Khan Meat
Rank C icon Matenshi YW4-028 K'mon-K'mon Curry
Rank C icon None Ben Tover Seafood
Rank B icon None Robomutt Chinese Food
Rank A icon Darknyan EYW-002 Darknyan Seafood
Rank S icon YW9-029 Unpleasant Oden Stew
Rank A icon None Badsmella Sweet Things
Rank D icon YW9-023 Shamasol Oden Stew

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Busters

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank C icon EYW-010 Fuu2 Bread
Rank S icon Onigama Toadal Demon Sushi
Rank B icon Usapyon-driving USApyon (Driving Style) Donuts
Rank A icon YW11-012 Gutsy Bones * Milk

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank D icon None Isshun Boy Ice Cream
Rank C icon None Shirakirisuzume Tempura
Rank S icon HanzoUkiukipedia Hanzo Sushi
Rank S icon Kotaro Kotaro Sushi
Rank A icon None Fuyunyan Ace Seafood
Rank A icon Heronyan Heronyan Chocobars
Rank S icon None Fuyunyan S Seafood
Rank S icon Fuyunyan Soso Fuyunyan Sousou Seafood
Rank E icon SoramimizukuUkiukipedia Soramimizuku Pasta
Rank A icon None Jigoku-mimizuku Pasta
Rank B icon None Nazotoki Seafood
Rank B icon None Himajin Ice Cream
Rank S icon Bunny Mint Bunny Mint Sweet Things
Rank S icon YD2-013 Hoteison Soba Noodles
Rank S icon Ultimate Robonyan Ultimate Robonyan Chocobars
Rank E icon None Ikiataribatta Vegetables
Rank D icon None Wakarunner Hot Dogs
Rank A icon KamaitachiUkiukipedia Kamaitachi Soba Noodles
Rank A icon None Chocobonyan Vegetables
Rank A icon None Punikoma Ice Cream
Rank S icon None Karasu Tengu Tempura
Rank S icon None Princess Speech Sweet Things
Rank S icon None King Reaction Sukiyaki
Rank S icon Matenou YD2-039 Matenou Curry
Rank C icon None Kirisugirisu Candy

In other languages

  • Italian: Vento

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