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Yo-Criminals (Japanese: 指名手配妖怪 Shimeitehai Yōkai) (also known as Wanted Yo-kai) are a group of Yo-kai which cannot be befriended, and instead must be fought and captured for a crime they committed, which mostly all revolve around vandalism. They are notable for being all color variations of normal Yo-kai.

When they spot the player, they run off, and the player has to chase them down enough to talk to them; Staminums and Bikes are perfectly acceptable to chase them down.

In the first game, once they have been talk to thrice, the Yo-Criminal will concede defeat and give up a letter/number passcode for a password, then disappears to give themselves up. Once the password is completed, the player must go to the Lambert Post Office to turn it in, which gives them get a Trophy and an additional reward. 

In Yo-kai Watch 2, there are quests for capturing Yo-Criminals that become open on a set date. The player must talk with Detective Holdit on his post to acquire these quests. Once you find and catch up to a Yo-Criminal, the player will now have to fight them. Upon defeating/capturing the Yo-Criminal, the player is then awarded items as rewards.

List of Yo-Criminals

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch

No. Image Name Charges Capture Rewards Counterpart Soultimate
01 Nisenoko Nogo (Japanese: ニセノコ Nisenoko) Switching erasers with fakes Slither Trophy, Large Exporb Noko Mimic-making Aim (Japanese: モノマネつくりわらい Monomane Tsukuri Nerai)
02 Kimoji Fullgramps (Japanese: キモ爺 Kimojī) Drawing mustaches on textbooks Hunger Trophy, Brute Bracer Hungramps (Japanese: ゲテモノ大放出 Gedamono Daihōshutsu)
03 Kuronyan Doppelnyan (Japanese: 黒ニャン Kuronyan) Drew enlarged nostrils on historical figures in books. Meow Trophy, Speed Bell Jibanyan Dirty Paws (Japanese: 汚れちまった肉球 Yogorechimatta Nikukyū)
04 Pakuro Ba Tattletwin (Japanese: パクロ婆 Pakuro'bā) Stealing from the donation box. Granny Trophy, Silver Doll Tattletell Pilferer Slap (Japanese: かっさらいビンタ Kassarai Binta)
05 Torima Bogusus (Japanese: 通り馬 Tōrima) Giving Wet Willies (Kanchō in the original Japanese) as a greeting. Horse Trophy, Mega Exporb Negasus Random Attacker Shock (Japanese: 通り魔ショック Tōrima Shock)
06 Usuppelion Blazioff (Japanese: うすっぺライオン Usupperaion) Wrote a book report about a movie. Mane Trophy, Blue Coin Blazion Narrow Margin (Japanese: pls fix, am dumb.)
07 Gakionna Falsina (Japanese: がきおんな Gaki-onna) Firing fireworks sideways as apposed to in the air Hood Trophy, Lunar Ring Frostina Prank Sorbet (Japanese: 悪ふざけソルベ Warufusake Sorbet)
08 Iwakuchan Grimples (Japanese: いわくちゃん Iwaku-chan) Spreading scary rumors Wrinkled Trophy, Reflector Grumples Make it Drain (Japanese: いわくつきドレイン Iwakutsuki Drain)
09 Namakura Shin (Japanese: なまくら Namakura) Making toilet paper untearable Katana Trophy, Holy Exporb Sheen Blunt Blade (Japanese: なまくらぶれーど Namakura Blade)
10 Papa Dolt Papa Dolt (Japanese: 悪オトン Waru Oton) Farting during dinnertime Papa Trophy, Vampiric Fangs Papa Bolt Stress Out (Japanese: ストレス大放電 Stress Dai-Hōden)
11 Zerogu Zerogu (Japanese: キザ天狗 Kiza-Tengu) Bringing a guitar at a yoga class Tengu Trophy, Fiend Badge Tengu (Japanese: キザったら疾風 Kizattara Shippū)
12 Cadout Cadout (Japanese: デマまる Demamaru) Giving false testimony in a newspaper interview Cicada Trophy, Yellow Coin Cadin Tall Tale Horizontal Cut (Japanese: でまかせ水平斬り Demakase Suihei Kiri)
13 Mochisless Mochisless (Japanese: くされモチ Kusaremochi) Hiding a booby trap in the school lunch. Mochi Trophy, Cheery Coat Mochismo (Japanese: 宝のもちぐされ拳 Takara-no-Mochi Gusare Ken)
14 Buher Buher (Japanese: ワルスギス Warusugisu) Slapping an old man's wig off Bird Trophy, Tough Bell Buhu Evil Temptation (Japanese: 悪へのいざない Waru e no Izanai)
15 Sushinoma Sushinoma (Japanese: じゃまと Jamato) Waving a staff around in a crowded train. Wannabe Trophy, Restraint Belt Sushiyama Bothersome Stomp (Japanese: おじゃまむしスタンプ Ojama Mushi Stamp)
16 Chaninverse Chaninverse (Japanese: いかサマ士 Ikasamashi) Gambler Trophy, Golden Doll Chansin Bluffing Great Gamble (Japanese: ハッタリ大バクチ Hattari Ō-bakuchi)
17 Castelilose Castelilose (Japanese: シッカク Shikkaku) Good Job Prize, Big Bottle Castelius III Disqualified One-Shot Send Off (Japanese: しっかく一発退場 Shikkaku Ippatsu Taijō)
18 Zeroberker Zeroberker (Japanese: 無茶むしゃ Mucha Musha) Wild Trophy, Fiend Charm Zerberker Crazy Wild Dance (Japanese: むちゃくちゃ乱舞 Mucha Kusha Ranbu)


Roughraffony (Japanese: ブレルりん Burerurin) Unable to decide what he wants for breakfast. Cool Hair Prize, Orange Coin Roughraff


Enofly (Japanese: 絶不蝶 Zeffuchō) Flutter Trophy, Spell Bell Enerfly


Fi-knight (Japanese: とんま将軍 Tonma-shōgun) Shogun Trophy, Turnabeads Reuknight


Lodon't (Japanese: どろボーイ Dorobōi, Doroboy) Kids' Trophy, Sun Bracelet Lodo


Daizn't (Japanese: ボーどろ Bōdoro) Daze Trophy, Monkey Circlet Daiz

Ol' Slap Stick

Ol' Slap Stick (Japanese: あきす老師 Akisurōshi) Sack Trophy, Beefy Bell Ol' Saint Trick
25 Neverfore (Japanese: 青いらん Aoiran) Kimono Trophy, Nail Bat Everfore
26 Manjimitate (Japanese: 悪メン犬 Warumenken) Glasses Trophy, Fiend Band Manjimutt
27 Negatibuzz-kill (Japanese: てぐせブーン Tegusebūn) Blew eraser shavings onto a classmates's desk. Buzz Trophy, Holy Exporb Negatibuzz
28 Watkappa (Japanese: えせガッパ Esegappa) Kappa Trophy, Reversword Walkappa
29 Komasham (Japanese: ダマさん Damasan) Guardian Trophy, Ritzy Studs Komasan
30 Whoopie (Japanese: 腹黒郎 Haragurō) Heart Trophy, Meteor Badge Shmoopie
31 Illow (Japanese: ペテン老師 Petenrōshi) Master Trophy, Thick Specs Illoo
32 Copyled (Japanese: 荒らすん蛇 Arasun'ja) Snake Trophy, Pink Coin Copperled
33 Pakka (Japanese: じゃまガッパ Jamapakka) Doing the shuttle run on the crosswalk Bottle Trophy, Heavenly Sash Appak
34 Koshame (Japanese: だまししコマ Damashishikoma) Lion Trophy, Sleepillow Komane
35 Fussky (Japanese: サギ王子 Sagi-ōji) Cloak Trophy, Venoct Gauntlet Chilhuahua
36 Recap (Japanese: こそどろ帽 Kosodorubō) Hat Trophy, Sleep 'n' Study Wazzat
37 Fouwl (Japanese: 立ちヨミテング Tachiyomi Tengu) Stilt Trophy, Die of Fate Nird
38 Dullabel (Japanese: どろこ婦人 Doroku-fujin) Stylish Trophy, Green Coin Dazzabel
39 Cheatler (Japanese: クロノブシ Kuronobushi) Stag Trophy, Iron Plates Beetler
40 Impistol (Japanese: パチモ天 Pachimoten) Stealing dirty laundry Cupid Trophy, Purple Coin Cupistol
41 Blamedian (Japanese: ペテン師匠 Petenshishō) Adding another digit on to his test scores Comedy Trophy, Ancient Scale Lamedian
42 Rhinopposite (Japanese: クロカブト Kurokabuto) Painting the white lines on roads black Beetle Trophy, Cicada Sword Rhinoggin
43 Geezel (Japanese: のぞキング Nozokingu) Darkness Trophy, Guard Gem Greesel
44 Pandull (Japanese: だましんぼう Damashinbō) Toothpick Trophy, Red Coin Pandle
45 Conger (Japanese: ねつぞウナギ Netsuzo Unagi) Eel Trophy, Ski Mask Croonger
46 Bummer (Japanese: ほらふきザメ Horafukizame) Shark Trophy, Galaxy Charm Chummer
47 Mimicevil (Japanese: イビビル Ibibiru) Demon Trophy, Crystal Ball Timidevil
48 Trippa (Japanese: どろこんぶ Dorokonbu) Seaweed Trophy, Sticker of Hate Steppa
49 Shaggie (Japanese: わりゅーくん Waryū-kun) Dragon Trophy, Light Blue Coin Draggie
50 Sdend (Japanese: まきあげ貝 Makiagekai) Shell Trophy, Golden Doll Spenp
51 Falspy (Japanese: もぐりちゃん Moguri-chan) Triclops Trophy, Holy Exporb Espy Heart Speakeasy Surgery (Japanese: 心もぐり術. Translation: Kokoro moguri-jutsu)
52 Apni (Japanese: フゥビン Fūbin) Cyclops Trophy, Fiend Ring Insomni

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

No. Image Name Charges Capture Rewards Counterpart Soultimate
53 Eyeclops (Japanese: ふかづけ小 Fukazuke-kozō) Stealing other people's olives Boyclops
54 No Me (Japanese: ざしき荒し) Planted carnivorous

plants in a friend's garden

55 Sud Munch (Japanese: ソーダ坊 Sōdabō) Shook a soda and sprayed it onto a passerby Mudmunch
56 Kikoenra (Japanese: きこえんら) Smogling
57 Gasagasa-obake (Japanese: ガサガサお化け) Pallysol
58 Negusegen (Japanese: ねぐせげん) Furgus
59 Gokigen-naname (Japanese: ごきげんななめ) Tublappa
60 Hoppetabo (Japanese: ほっぺた坊 Hoppetabō) Faysoff
61 Dokurokubi (Japanese: どくろ首) Lady Longnek
62 Bakazori (Japanese: ばか草履 Baka-zōri) Pittapat
63 Blabeye (Japanese: ざわめき) Wouldn't stop talking in the middle of class Eyesoar
64 Malmaiden (Japanese: ろうにんぎょう Rōningyō)

Wore a scary mask to frighten the teacher.

65 Henokappa (Japanese: へのカッパ) Faux Kappa
66 Mudamudan (Japanese: むだむだん) Furdinand
67 Nanyakanya (Japanese: なんやかんや) Smogmella
68 Kudaran (Japanese: くだらん) Predictabull

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

No. Image Name Charges Capture Rewards Counterpart Soultimate
69 Dassokusai (Japanese: ダソックサイ) Dasocks
70 Kogeyaki (Japanese: コゲヤ鬼) Nikuyaki
71 Niwakapper (Japanese: にわカッパー) Kapper
72 Kaettecorn (Japanese: かえってコーン) Cornfused
73 Yamajor (Japanese: ヤメジャー) Damajor
74 USOpyon (Japanese: USOピョン) USApyon
75 Horinugget (Japanese: ほうりナゲット) Marunugget
76 Poisteaking (Japanese: ポイステーキ) Steaking
77 Ohbacare (Japanese: オバーカー) Ohburger
78 Nejimagator (Japanese: ネジマゲーター) Ottamagator
79 Hieconda (Japanese: ヒーエコンダ) Addaconda
80 Asondoll (Japanese: あそんドール) Kibandoll


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