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A Yo-kai Ark (Japanese: 妖怪アーク Yōkai āku) is a small, key-shaped item used to summon Yo-kai from the Yo-kai Watch Elder in the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside series. They are said to be the successor of Yo-kai Medals, featuring Lightside and Shadowside Yo-kai on both sides.

Rare versions with different colors also exist. The levels of rarity from least to more rare are Normal, Rare, Extreme Rare, Super Extreme Rare, and Ultimate Rare.[1]

A Gold Rank is also said to exist, standing above Extreme Rare.

It has been stated that Normal Arks have a clear color and a regular holo foil, Rare Arks have a clear color and a glittering holo foil, and Extreme Rare Arks have the colors of their tribes, as well as glittering holo foil.


Yo-kai Watch Shadowside Oni-o no Fukkatsu

Natsume holding Yo-kai Arks.

Yo-kai Arks represent the feelings that connect Yo-kai and humans. Just like Yo-kai Medals, they are given to select people once they fulfill a specific Yo-kai's needs.

Yo-kai can be summoned via the Yo-kai Watch Elder by putting the Ark into the keyhole, and saying the summoning chant while the Yo-kai appears in sight.

It was originally thought that the Arks were successors to the medals, however, due to their inclusion in Forever Friends, the may have existed in the past as well.

List of Arks

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Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside Ark Type
Jibanyan JibanyanArk-Lightside JibanyanArk-Shadowside Rare
Komasan KomasanArk-Lightside KomasanArk-Shadowside Rare
Koumou no Komasan Koumou no Komasan Koumou no Komasan-Shadow Extreme Rare
Blizzaria BlizzariaArk-Light BlizzariaArk-Shadow Rare
Kyubi KyubiArk-Light KyubiArk-Shadow Rare
Kosen Kyubi KyubiKosenLightArc KyubiKosenShadowArc Extreme Rare
Micchy (Slimamander) MicchyArc E4EFED50-0521-4C20-9F3C-F535B75AD2CE Rare
Hyper Micchy/ Mitsumata Ghidorah Hyper Micchy Mitsumata Ghidorah (Hyper Micchy) Extreme Rare
Blazion 5469F209-D1D9-4A76-917C-48E193D69486 Rare
Papa Bolt 9AFE0074-32B2-44C4-B242-B0E2ADD0BD40 Rare
Azure Dragon AzureDragonShadowArc Rare
Jaou Kaira KairaLightArc Super Extreme Rare
Shuten Douji ShutenDoujiLightArc Super Extreme Rare
Junior/? Junior JuniorUnknownShadow Rare
Junior/Burning Dragon Junior (Extreme Rare) Burning Dragon (Junior) Extreme Rare
Bancho/Bourei Banchou BanchoArk-Light Bourei BanchouArk-Shadow Normal
Charlie/Ghostcycle CharlieArk-Light Ghostcycle (Charlie)Ark-Shadow Normal
Zundoumaru/Shiryou no Dokudoku-nabe SundoumaruLightArc ShinryounoDokudokuNabeArc Normal
Jinta/Jingeki Jinta Jingeki (Jinta) Normal
Lucky/Dogman LuckyArk-Light Dogman (Lucky) Normal
Pakkun/Gaburiel PakkunLightArc PakkunShadowArc Normal
Almighty-kun/Robonyan 00 Robonyan00ShadowArc Normal
Honmaguro-taishou/Magulodon Honmaguro-taishouArk-Light Magulodon (Honmaguro-taishou)Ark-Shadow Normal
Mushbarber/Kirisaki Joker MushbarberArk-Light Kirisaki Joker (Mushbarber)Ark-Shadow Normal
Nekomata Nekomata NekomataShadowArc Gold
Nekomata & Junior NekomataAndJuniorArc
Kappa Kappa KappaUnknownShadow Gold


Type Box Packet Release date Ark No.
Yo-kai Ark 1st - Hiragame! First Door Yo-kai Ark 1st - Hiragame! First Door Box Yo-kai Ark 1st - Hiragame! First Door JPJuly 14, 2018
Yo-kai Ark 2nd -



Jibanyan's Ark with the Charming heart insignia.

  • In early depictions of the Arks, including their debut in the 4th movie, they had the insignias of the old Yo-kai tribes. These were later replaced by the symbols of the Shadowside tribes.