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The Yo-kai Cam (Japanese: ふしぎなレンズ Fushigi na Renzu, lit. "Strange Lenses") is a feature that only appears in Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Watch 2. It allows the player to take pictures of peoples' faces and find various Yo-kai inspiriting them, be it in real life or over the internet.

Depending on the facial structure, expression or lighting, a different Yo-kai will be seen "inspiriting" them when the photo is taken. The Tribe song will play towards that corresponding Yo-kai and a "Tip for Inspiritment" will be displayed at the bottom screen.

Taking photos of many different Yo-kai, or completing daily challenges can give the player rewards, which can be collected at the Lambert Post Office in Uptown Springdale.


in which player take pictures of peoples' faces and find Yo-kai inspiriting them, be it in real life or over the Internet. Finding new Yo-kai in various numbers starting out until it reaches the multiples of 10 will unlock milestone rewards, which are redeemable at the Lambert Post Office in Uptown Springdale.

Registering Yo-kai via the Yo-kai Cam will be influenced by the distance, the lighting, and the quality of the picture.

There are also challenges where the player have to find a certain tribe or rank of Yo-kai or Yo-kai that possesses certain traits, that changes in a 64-day cycle, with a total of 64 challenges in all. Completing these challenges will unlock rewards.

In Yo-kai Watch, the Yo-kai Cam is unlocked upon completing Welcome to the World of Yo-kai, while it is unlocked in Yo-kai Watch 2 by completing Chapter 3.

Certain Yo-kai cannot be found in the Yo-kai Cam until the player has befriended one in their currently-used Journal.

Yo-kai Cam challenges in Yo-kai Watch

International Version

Objective Reward Item Description Effects
Snap Sword Yo-kai!
Snap Swimming Yo-kai!
Snap Rare Yo-kai!
Snap Legend Yo-kai!
Snap Cadin!
Snap Tattletell!
Snap Walkappa!
Snap Komasan!
Snap Jibanyan!
Snap Baku!
Snap Manjimutt!
Snap Shmoopie!
Snap Buhu!
Snap Draggie!
Snap Hungramps!
Snap Pupsicle!
Snap Dismarelda!
Snap Happierre!
Snap Leadoni!
Snap Wazzat!
Snap Rattelle!
Snap Espy!
Snap Noko!
Snap Daiz!
Snap Negasus!
Snap Mama Aura!
Snap Castelius I!
Snap Frostina!
Snap Zerberker!
Snap Greesel!
Snap Dromp!
Snap Pandanoko!
Snap Tengu!
Snap Kyubi!
Snap Venoct!
Snap Shogunyan!
Snap Yo-kai: Charming!
Snap Yo-kai: Tough!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank E!
Snap Yo-kai: Heartful!
Snap Yellow Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Mysterious!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank D!
Snap Blue Yo-kai!
Snap Girl Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Shady!
Snap Winged Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Eerie!
Snap Horned Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank C!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank B!
Snap Yo-kai: Brave!
Snap White Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank A!
Snap Pink Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Slippery!
Snap Bug-like Yo-kai!
Snap Black Yo-kai!
Snap Green Yo-kai!
Snap Tasty Yo-kai!
Snap Bearded Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank S!
Snap Canine Yo-kai!
Snap Feline Yo-kai!

Japanese version

Objective Reward Item Description Effects
Snap Charming Yo-kai!
Snap Tough Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank E!
Snap Heartful Yo-kai!
Snap Yellow Yo-kai!
Snap Mysterious Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank D!
Snap Blue Yo-kai!
Snap Girl Yo-kai!
Snap Shady Yo-kai!
Snap Winged Yo-kai!
Snap Eerie Yo-kai!
Snap Horned Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank C!
Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with Kanji!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank B!
Snap Brave Yo-kai!
Snap White Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank A!
Snap Pink Yo-kai!
Snap Slippery Yo-kai!
Snap Bug-like Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "Ka"!
Snap Black Yo-kai!
Snap Green Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "Mu"!
Snap Tasty Yo-kai!
Snap Bearded Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai: Rank S!
Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "U"!
Snap Canine Yo-kai!
Snap Feline Yo-kai!
Snap Sword Yo-kai!
Snap Swimming Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "Sa"!
Snap Rare Yo-kai!
Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "Ya"!
Snap Legend Yo-kai!
Snap Cadin!
Snap Tattletell!
Snap Walkappa!
Snap Komasan!
Snap Jibanyan!
Snap Baku!
Snap Manjimutt!
Snap Shmoopie!
Snap Buhu!
Snap Draggie!
Snap Hungramps!
Snap Pupsicle!
Snap Dismarelda!
Snap Happierre!
Snap Leadoni!
Snap Wazzat!
Snap Rattelle!
Snap Espy!
Snap Noko!
Snap Daiz!
Snap Negasus!
Snap Mama Aura!
Snap Castelius I!
Snap Frostina!
Snap Zerberker!
Snap Greesel!
Snap Dromp!
Snap Pandanoko!
Snap Tengu!
Snap Kyubi!
Snap Venoct!
Snap Shogunyan!

  1. Snap Sword Yo-kai!
  2. Snap Swimming Yo-kai!
  3. Snap Rare Yo-kai!
  4. Snap Legend Yo-kai!
  5. Snap Cadin!
  6. Snap Tattletell!
  7. Snap Walkappa!
  8. Snap Komasan!
  9. Snap Jibanyan!
  10. Snap Baku!
  11. Snap Manjimutt!
  12. Snap Shmoopie!
  13. Snap Buhu!
  14. Snap Draggie!
  15. Snap Hungramps!
  16. Snap Pupsicle!
  17. Snap Dismarelda!
  18. Snap Happierre!
  19. Snap Leadoni!
  20. Snap Wazzat!
  21. Snap Rattelle!
  22. Snap Espy!
  23. Snap Noko!
  24. Snap Daiz!
  25. Snap Negasus!
  26. Snap Mama Aura!
  27. Snap Castelius I!
  28. Snap Frostina!
  29. Snap Zerberker!
  30. Snap Greesel!
  31. Snap Dromp!
  32. Snap Pandanoko!
  33. Snap Tengu!
  34. Snap Kyubi!
  35. Snap Venoct!
  36. Snap Shogunyan!
  37. Snap Yo-kai: Charming!
  38. Snap Yo-kai: Tough!
  39. Snap Yo-kai: Rank E!
  40. Snap Yo-kai: Heartful!
  41. Snap Yellow Yo-kai!
  42. Snap Yo-kai: Mysterious!
  43. Snap Yo-kai: Rank D!
  44. Snap Blue Yo-kai!
  45. Snap Girl Yo-kai!
  46. Snap Yo-kai: Shady!
  47. Snap Winged Yo-kai!
  48. Snap Yo-kai: Eerie!
  49. Snap Horned Yo-kai!
  50. Snap Yo-kai: Rank C!
  51. Snap Yo-kai: Rank B!
  52. Snap Yo-kai: Brave!
  53. Snap White Yo-kai!
  54. Snap  Yo-kai: Rank A!
  55. Snap Pink Yo-kai!
  56. Snap Yo-kai: Slippery!
  57. Snap Bug-like Yo-kai!
  58. Snap Black Yo-kai!
  59. Snap Green Yo-kai!
  60. Snap Tasty Yo-kai!
  61. Snap Bearded Yo-kai!
  62. Snap Yo-kai: Rank S!
  63. Snap Canine Yo-kai!
  64. Snap Feline Yo-kai!

  1. Snap Yo-kai: Charming!
  2. Snap Yo-kai: Tough!
  3. Snap Yo-kai: Rank E!
  4. Snap Yo-kai: Heartful!
  5. Snap Yellow Yo-kai!
  6. Snap Yo-kai: Mysterious!
  7. Snap Yo-kai: Rank D!
  8. Snap Blue Yo-kai!
  9. Snap Girl Yo-kai!
  10. Snap Yo-kai: Shady!
  11. Snap Winged Yo-kai!
  12. Snap Yo-kai: Eerie!
  13. Snap Horned Yo-kai!
  14. Snap Yo-kai: Rank C!
  15. Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with Kanji!
  16. Snap Yo-kai: Rank B!
  17. Snap Yo-kai: Brave!
  18. Snap White Yo-kai!
  19. Snap  Yo-kai: Rank A!
  20. Snap Pink Yo-kai!
  21. Snap Yo-kai: Slippery!
  22. Snap Bug-like Yo-kai!
  23. Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "Ka"!
  24. Snap Black Yo-kai!
  25. Snap Green Yo-kai!
  26. Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "Mu"!
  27. Snap Tasty Yo-kai!
  28. Snap Bearded Yo-kai!
  29. Snap Yo-kai: Rank S!
  30. Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "U"!
  31. Snap Canine Yo-kai!
  32. Snap Feline Yo-kai!
  33. Snap Sword Yo-kai!
  34. Snap Swimming Yo-kai!
  35. Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "Sa"!
  36. Snap Rare Yo-kai!
  37. Snap Yo-kai whose name starts with "Ya"!
  38. Snap Legend Yo-kai!
  39. Snap Cadin!
  40. Snap Tattletell!
  41. Snap Walkappa!
  42. Snap Komasan!
  43. Snap Jibanyan!
  44. Snap Baku!
  45. Snap Manjimutt!
  46. Snap Shmoopie!
  47. Snap Buhu!
  48. Snap Draggie!
  49. Snap Hungramps!
  50. Snap Pupsicle!
  51. Snap Dismarelda!
  52. Snap Happierre!
  53. Snap Leadoni!
  54. Snap Wazzat!
  55. Snap Rattelle!
  56. Snap Espy!
  57. Snap Noko!
  58. Snap Daiz!
  59. Snap Negasus!
  60. Snap Mama Aura!
  61. Snap Castelius I!
  62. Snap Frostina!
  63. Snap Zerberker!
  64. Snap Greesel!
  65. Snap Dromp!
  66. Snap Pandanoko!
  67. Snap Tengu!
  68. Snap Kyubi!
  69. Snap Venoct!
  70. Snap Shogunyan!

  • Sword Yo-kai: Cursed Blade
  • Swimming Yo-kai: Fish Bait x10
  • "Sa"-starting Yo-kai names: Sandwitch x10 (JPN only)
  • Rare Yo-kai: Holy Exporb x3
  • "Ya"-starting Yo-kai names: Matsutake x5 (JPN only)
  • Legend Yo-kai: Holy Exporbs x5
  • Cadin: Cicada Sword
  • Tattletell: Reflector
  • Walkappa: Big Bottle
  • Komasan: Flood Charm
  • Jibanyan: Spell Bell
  • Baku: Sleepillow
  • Manjimutt: Marbled Beef (x5 - JPN only)
  • Shmoopie: Love Scepter
  • Buhu: Orange Coin
  • Draggie: Dragon Orb
  • Hungramps: Roe Rice Balls x10
  • Pupsicle: Snowstorm Cloak
  • Dismarelda: Light Blue Coin
  • Happierre: Lunar Ring
  • Leadoni: Reversword
  • Wazzat: Galaxy Charm
  • Rattelle: Red Coin
  • Espy: Thick Specs
  • Noko: Drop of Joy
  • Daiz: Turnabeads
  • Negasus: Meteor Badge
  • Mama Aura: Fiend Badge
  • Castelius I: Platinum Bar
  • Frostina: Glacial Clip
  • Zerberker: Fiend Band
  • Greesel: Fiend Ring
  • Dromp:
  • Pandanoko: Ancient Scale
  • Tengu: Tengu Fan
  • Kyubi: Fire Ring
  • Venoct: Venoct Gauntlet
  • Shogunyan: Tough Bell
  • Charming tribe Yo-kai: Pretty Ring
  • Tough tribe Yo-kai: Medium Exporbs x3
  • Rank E Yo-kai: Dancing Stars x3
  • Heartful tribe Yo-kai: Shiny Badge
  • Yellow Yo-kai: Yellow Coin
  • Mysterious tribe Yo-kai: Top Techniques
  • Rank D Yo-kai: Large Exporb x2
  • Blue Yo-kai: Blue Coin
  • Girl Yo-kai: Heavenly Sash
  • Shady tribe Yo-kai: Dancing Star x3
  • Winged Yo-kai: Speed Talisman x5
  • Eerie tribe Yo-kai: Sticker of Hate
  • Horned Yo-kai: Brute Bracer
  • Rank C Yo-kai: Silver Doll x2
  • Kanji-starting Yo-kai names: A Serious Life x2 (JPN only)
  • Rank B Yo-kai: Mega Exporb
  • Brave tribe Yo-kai: Sun Bracelet
  • White Yo-kai: Clenzall
  • Rank A Yo-kai: Golden Doll
  • Pink Yo-kai: Pink Coin
  • Slippery tribe: Mighty Medicine
  • Bug-like Yo-kai: Black Syrup x10
  • "Ka"-starting Yo-kai names: Curry Bread x10 (JPN only)
  • Black Yo-kai: Purple Coin
  • Green Yo-kai: Green Coin
  • "Mu"-starting Yo-kai names: Plain Charm (JPN only)
  • Tasty Yo-kai: Shrimp Rice Ball x5
  • Bearded Yo-kai: Beefy Bell
  • Rank S Yo-kai: Holy Exporb
  • "U"-starting Yo-kai names: Die of Fate (JPN only)
  • Canine Yo-kai: Beef Tongue x5
  • Feline Yo-kai: Speed Bell

Yo-kai Cam challenges in Yo-kai Watch 2

Japanese version only

Yo-kai Cam challenges in Yo-kai Watch 3

Yo-kai Cam Milestone Rewards

Yo-kai Watch

Objective Reward Item Description Effects
Snap a Yo-kai Mini Exporb
Mini Exporb
"A touch of this teeny orb is worth three hours of training." Gains 10 EXP.
Snap 3 Yo-kai
Snap 5 Yo-kai
Snap 10 Yo-kai
Snap 15 Yo-kai
Snap 20 Yo-kai
Snap 30 Yo-kai
Snap 40 Yo-kai
Snap 50 Yo-kai
Snap 60 Yo-kai
Snap 70 Yo-kai
Snap 80 Yo-kai
Snap 90 Yo-kai
Snap 100 Yo-kai
Snap 110 Yo-kai
Snap 120 Yo-kai
Snap 130 Yo-kai
Snap 140 Yo-kai
Snap 150 Yo-kai
Snap 160 Yo-kai
Snap 170 Yo-kai
Snap 180 Yo-kai
Snap 190 Yo-kai
Snap 200 Yo-kai
Snap 210 Yo-kai
Snap all 223 Yo-kai

Yo-kai Watch 2

Yo-kai Watch 3

  • Snap your first Yo-kai: Bronze Doll
  • Snap 3 Yo-kai: Bitter Medicine
  • Snap 5 Yo-kai: Medium Exporb
  • Snap 10 Yo-kai: Top Techniques
  • Snap 15 Yo-kai: Tough Bell
  • Snap 20 Yo-kai: Hidden Hits
  • Snap 30 Yo-kai: A Serious Life
  • Snap 40 Yo-kai: Mighty Medicine
  • Snap 50 Yo-kai: Illusion Ring
  • Snap 60 Yo-kai: Large Exporb
  • Snap 70 Yo-kai: Reflector
  • Snap 80 Yo-kai: Mega Exporb
  • Snap 90 Yo-kai: Die of Fate
  • Snap 100 Yo-kai: Soul Secrets
  • Snap 110 Yo-kai: Galaxy Charm
  • Snap 120 Yo-kai: Turnabeads
  • Snap 130 Yo-kai: Golden Doll
  • Snap 140 Yo-kai: Fiend Charm
  • Snap 150 Yo-kai: Ancient Scale
  • Snap 160 Yo-kai: Fiend Badge
  • Snap 170 Yo-kai: Reversword
  • Snap 180 Yo-kai: Heavenly Sash
  • Snap 190 Yo-kai: Fiend Ring
  • Snap 200 Yo-kai: Holy Exporb
  • Snap 210 Yo-kai: Vampiric Fangs
  • Snap all 223 Yo-kai: Fiend Band

  • Snap your first Yo-kai: Bronze Doll
  • Snap 3 Yo-kai: Medium Exporb
  • Snap 5 Yo-kai: Purple Coin
  • Snap 10 Yo-kai: Top Techniques
  • Snap 15 Yo-kai: Dancing Star x5
  • Snap 20 Yo-kai: Silver Doll
  • Snap 25 Yo-kai: Orange Coin
  • Snap 30 Yo-kai: Large Exporb
  • Snap 40 Yo-kai: Hidden Hits
  • Snap 50 Yo-kai: Pink Coin
  • Snap 60 Yo-kai: Lottery Ticket x5
  • Snap 70 Yo-kai: Light-Blue Coin
  • Snap 80 Yo-kai: Soul Secrets
  • Snap 90 Yo-kai: Yellow Coin
  • Snap 100 Yo-kai: Fiend Charm
  • Snap 120 Yo-kai: Music Card x5
  • Snap 140 Yo-kai: A Serious Life
  • Snap 160 Yo-kai: Fiend Ring
  • Snap 180 Yo-kai: Green Coin
  • Snap 200 Yo-kai: Gold Doll
  • Snap 220 Yo-kai: Mega Exporb
  • Snap 240 Yo-kai: Blue Coin
  • Snap 260 Yo-kai: Fiend Band

Tips for Inspiritment

When snapping a Yo-kai, the game will offer a "tip" for the person inspirited by that Yo-kai.

  1. Pandle: "Don't get careless! Better make sure your doors are locked!"
  2. Undy: "Your fly is open!"
  3. Tanbo: "Simmer down, or else you're gonna cause an accident!"
  4. Cutta-nah: "Don't slack off too much!"
  5. Cutta-nah-nah: "Stop putting it off! It's time for you to get a haircut!"
  6. Slacka-slash: "You could do it if you'd try, but you keep slacking off!"
  7. Brushido:
  8. Washogun:
  9. Lie-in: "I'm sleepy, but I'll do my best!"
  10. Lie-in Heart: "A skilled predator hides his true intentions..."
  11. Hissfit: "Don't sweat the small stuff!"
  12. Zerberker: "Don't go too weird! People might look at you funny."
  13. Snartle: "Is Snartle going over to your house tonight?!"
  14. Mochismo: "Y'know, I bet you could beat anyone in arm wrestling!"
  15. Minochi: "Don't get too jealous! You'll just embarrass yourself!"
  16. Tublappa: "Invest in some mouthwash."
  17. Slicenrice: "Keep an eye on Hungramps. When he starts to drool... RUN!"
  18. Flamurice: "Some people just like their rice a little on the crispy side."
  19. Helmsman: "You may become separated from what you hold dear..."
  20. Reuknight: "Maybe you'll be reunited with someone from your past...?"
  21. Corptain: "You are definitely NOT nice. Yeah. I said it!"
  22. Mudmunch: "Farming is tough work!"
  23. Sergeant Burly: "If you see anyone misbehaving, make 'em drop and do 20!"
  24. Blazion: "You're so fired up! Just watch out that you don't start one!"
  25. Quaken: "Something is coming up that may shake you a bit!"
  26. Siro: "One day, the world may know and fear your name!"
  27. Chansin: "Keep an eye on your money!"
  28. Sheen: "A champion of justice! Just don't forget to be kind too, OK?
  29. Snee: "Feel something behind you?!"
  30. Gleam: "Maybe you'll become a master swordsman someday!"
  31. Benkei: "A fateful meeting awaits you upon a bridge!"
  32. B3-NK1: "Do you ever find yourself taking apart pens for no reason?!"
  33. Sushiyama: "Are you into Japanese stuff like Sushiyama is?"
  34. Kapunki: "What a punk!"
  35. Beetler: "Your jaw is super strong! You can munch through anything!"
  36. Beetall: "You're kind of a big deal!"
  37. Cruncha: "Oh! A fellow spirit in battle!"
  38. Demuncher: "The wider the mouth, the worse the indigestion."
  39. Devourer: "You're about to get energized!"
  40. Shogunyan: "You are a warrior! Don't ever forget it!"
  41. Machonyan:
  42. Hovernyan: "Cute AND Cool!"
  43. Samureel: "Where'd you go?"
  44. Time Keeler:
  45. Slumberhog: "Hey, wake up... Did you hear me? ...WAKE UP!!"
  46. Snortlehog: "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!"
  47. Moximous N:
  48. Moximous K:
  49. Illuminoct:

  1. Brokenbrella: "Get yourself a nice raincoat. You'll be needing it."
  2. Pittapatt:
  3. Snotsolong: "You're gonna get a nose that runs like a waterfall!"
  4. Duchoo: "Caught a cold? Or are you just faking it?"
  5. D'wanna: "You never finish what you have started!"
  6. N'more: "You always get bored too quickly! Pick one thing and focus on it!"
  7. Q'wit: "Are you about to get sick of something you thought you loved?!"
  8. Wazzat: "Bet you can't remember what you had for dinner last night!"
  9. Houzzat: "Who am I? What's going on?!"
  10. Dummkap: "What's 1 + 1?"
  11. Faysoff: "I have no idea what you're thinking right now."
  12. Lafalotta: "You're gonna remember something random and laugh a lot about it!"
  13. Blips: "Hey, how is your skin feeling these days? Are you glowing?"
  14. Tattletell: "Quit babblin' all the time! Keep your friends' secrets safe!"
  15. Tattlecast: "Nobody is louder than you!"
  16. Skranny: "You're so metal! You should be a rock star!"
  17. Cupistol: "The person you like is coming for you! Watch out! Hee hee."
  18. Casanuva: "You are entering a new phase of your life here!"
  19. Casanono: "Boo. Sad. Lonely."
  20. So-Sorree: "You'll be sorry..."
  21. Bowminos:
  22. Smogling: "Are you even really there?"
  23. Smogmella: "Shape up!"
  24. Signibble: "Hrm. You think you're gonna lose cell-phone reception?!"
  25. Signiton: "You'll be able to hear radio stations from faraway lands!"
  26. Statiking:
  27. Master Oden: "The secret ingredient is Yo-kai!"
  28. Failian:
  29. Apelican:
  30. Mirapo: "Your forehead is shiny!"
  31. Miradox: "Take time to reflect."
  32. Mircle: "Probably best to not look in mirrors at night..."
  33. Illoo: "Everything around you is an illusion. Wake up already!"
  34. Elloo: "Are you sure you're not chasing around a mirage?"
  35. Alloo: "You want to go on a trip alone. Tell your mom before you go."
  36. Espy: "You're the type of person who gets everyone's feelings, right?"
  37. Infour: "Your predictions never come true!"
  38. Verygoodsir: "There's more to life than perfection!"
  39. Tengu: "Watch out! No one likes a tengu!"
  40. Flengu: "Beware of fire!"
  41. Kyubi: "You're getting a craving for some rice balls!"
  42. Frostail: "Caution! You're too happy!"
  43. Chymera:
  44. Kingmera: "Now they see you; now they don't."
  45. Komashura:
  46. Snottle:

  1. Terrorpotta: "Why are you so on edge?"
  2. Dulluma: "I know you feel lazy, but keep going--it'll all be worth it!"
  3. Darumacho: "Don't get too macho out there!"
  4. Goruma: "Go watch some wrestling to strengthen your muscles!"
  5. Wotchagot: "Try and appreciate what you have even though others have it better."
  6. Pride Shrimp: "Fry your pride and eat it!"
  7. No-Go Kart: "GPS? GPS is for the weak!"
  8. Mistank:
  9. Noway: "Are you sure you're not just saying no to everything?!"
  10. Impass:
  11. Walldin: "Sometimes you're up against a wall. You gotta climb over it!"
  12. Roughraff: "There's nothing good about being a hooligan!"
  13. Badude: "People will clear the way when they see you coming!"
  14. Bruff: "Bad people will start to like you!"
  15. Armsman: "Have you ever thought you need someone to complete you?"
  16. Mimikin: "Watch out for look-alikes."
  17. Blowkade: "You're in everyone's way!"
  18. Ledballoon: "You've got a nice skin tone. You almost glow."
  19. Fidgephant : "Mind you don't pee your pants!"
  20. Touphant: "Watch you don't wet the bed!"
  21. Enduriphant:
  22. Zappary: "Time for a SHOCKING revelation!"
  23. Frazzel:
  24. Swelton:
  25. Mad Mountain: "You should aspire to be a sumo wrestler! That would be great!"
  26. Lava Lord: "Have you ever thought about climbing a mountain?"
  27. Castelius III: "You're number three. Not bad?"
  28. Castelius II: "You're number two. Pretty good!"
  29. Castelius I: "You're number one!"
  30. Castelius Max:
  31. Rhinoggin: "Such physical prowess!"
  32. Rhinormous: "The path opens up to you!"
  33. Hornaplenty: "No one can beat you!"
  34. Robonyan: "You move like a robot!"
  35. Goldenyan: "The light! It's so bright!"
  37. Swosh: "Your heart is as broad as the sea!"
  38. Toadal Dude: "Your style is timeless!"
  39. Uber Geeko:
  40. Gilgaros: "Apex predator!"
  41. Robonyan F:
  42. Sumodon:
  43. Whateverest:
  44. Yokozudon:
  45. Whatuption:
  46. Gargaros:
  47. Ogralus:
  48. Orcanos:

  1. Leggly:
  2. Dazzabel: "You're so fancy!"
  3. Rattelle: "Lovely pheromones are wafting off of you!"
  4. Skelebella: "Drink milk to keep your bones beautiful! Delicious!"
  5. Cadin: "Don't be skittish!"
  6. Cadable: "Do you feel fast today?!"
  7. Singcada: "Let us hear that beautiful singing voice of yours!"
  8. Pupsicle: "Does it seem colder than usual?"
  9. Chilhuahua: "You're the kind of person who eats ice cubes out of the glass!"
  10. Swelterrier: "Don't get burned!"
  11. Jumbelina: "Be prepared for some funny looks!"
  12. Boyclops:
  13. Jibanyan: "Look both ways when you're crossing the street!"
  14. Thornyan: "Your words can have thorns! Be careful of what you say!"
  15. Baddinyan: "Pompadours are in!"
  16. Buchinyan:
  17. Walkappa: "Watch you don't nap for too long!"
  18. Appak: "You're going to lose your hair in the future!"
  19. Supyo: "Now is the time when your prowess in aquatic sports will awaken!"
  20. Komasan: "You're not thinking about running away from home, are you?!"
  21. Komane: "Even haunted houses are a cinch for you!"
  22. Komajiro: "You can't find what you are looking for, it seems."
  23. Komiger: "You should wear some tiger stripes!"
  24. Baku: "Try not to oversleep!"
  25. Bakulia: "May all your dreams come true!"
  26. Whapir: "Get a good nap! I think that helps give you good dreams!"
  27. Drizzelda:
  28. Nekidspeed:
  29. Shmoopie: "You're about to meet someone super cute!"
  30. Pinkipoo:
  31. Pookivil: "Everything turns sour around you! Watch your poison tongue!"
  32. Harry Barry:
  33. Frostina: "Mind that you don't get a chill!"
  34. Blizzaria: "Maybe you're weak against heat?! Don't get heatstroke!"
  35. Damona: "This is probably a good shot of you!"
  36. Faux Kappa: "A classic never gets old!"
  37. Tigappa:
  38. Master Nyada:
  39. Spoilerina:
  40. Sapphinyan: "Your heart is as bright and clear as a beautiful sapphire!"
  41. Emenyan:
  42. Rubinyan: "You've got a heart as hot and fiery as a ruby!"
  43. Topanyan: "Your will is as keen as a topaz gem!"
  44. Dianyan: "Your spirit is as solid as a diamond!"
  45. Melonyan:
  46. Oranyan:
  47. Kiwinyan:
  48. Grapenyan:
  49. Strawbnyan:
  50. Watermelnyan:
  51. Robokapp:
  52. Robokoma:
  53. Wondernyan:
  54. Sailornyan: "Girl power!"
  55. Jibakoma:
  56. Jetnyan:
  57. Panja Pupil:
  58. Panja Pro:
  59. Jibanyan S:
  60. Komasan S:
  61. Komajiro S:

  • Leadoni: "You'll be led to a place where you'll have a fateful meeting...!"
  • Ake: "Your shoulders are getting stiff!"
  • Wydeawake: "You're going to need some coffee tonight!"
  • Herbiboy:
  • Negatibuzz: "Life's not as bad as you may think it is! Trust me... it can be worse!"
  • Dimmy: "You could go home, and no one would even realize!"
  • Mynimo: "You're going to be a teacher's pet!"
  • Suspicioni: "You don't trust your friends!"
  • Tantroni: "It's about time you grow up!"
  • Hidabat: "It's hard to go outside!"
  • Yoink: "Once something's been swallowed, there's no returning it."
  • Grumpus Khan:
  • Payn: "Feel the despair of stiff shoulders!"
  • Moskevil: "Play a game to get rid of your bad mood! It can help you feel better!"
  • K'mon-K'mon: "Hold on, OK?!"
  • Yoodooit: "A good manager knows to delegate!"
  • Count Zapaway: "Beware! You may be the only one who finds your pranks funny."
  • Tyrat:
  • Tengloom: "You're gloomy!"
  • Agon: "You're gonna throw out your back when you least expect it!"
  • Allnyta: "Go to sleep, already!"
  • Carniboy:
  • Blandon: "No one would even notice if you went to the wrong class today!"
  • Contrarioni: "You should probably be more honest and open!"
  • Nird: "You feel like reading, all of a sudden?"
  • Snobetty: "Nothing will EVER be good enough for you!"
  • Slimamander:
  • Dracunyan: "The worst you'll feel is a little bit of dizziness."
  • Groupus Khan:
  • Scritchy: "No scratching, even if it itches!"
  • Nul: "It's almost like you don't exist!"
  • Abodabat: "You'll never see the world if you stay cooped up in your room!"
  • Belfree: "Watch out if you don't become a freeloader, OK?"
  • Gimme: "No one likes a thief!"
  • Negasus: "You're going to want to prank your friends! But don't!"
  • Neighfarious: "Will you be able to see through mysteries?!"
  • Timidevil: "Your legs are shaking! That won't win you any bravery medals."
  • Eyesoar: "In your case, love is anything but blind."
  • Beelzebold: "Even on a roller coaster, you don't break a sweat!"
  • Count Cavity: "You're a step away from a cavity. If you brush well, you'll be OK!"
  • Eyellure: "You make for a dazzling display!"
  • Greesel: "You save money, but everyone has a weird feeling about you!"
  • Awevil: "You'd use the corner on your friend's eraser! You're...a monster!"
  • Wobblewok: "Keep a lid on all that negativity."
  • Poofessor: "Knowledge is power!"
  • Darkyubi:

  • Coughkoff: "Go wash your hands and gargle to get rid of Coughkoff!"
  • Droplette: "Your armpits are sweaty!"
  • Slush: "You could go for some Shaved Ice!"
  • Peckpocket: "You love stealing the strawberry off of someone else's shortcake!"
  • Squeeky: "Dude, turn down the music!"
  • Buhu: "Nothing's going your way! Boohoo!"
  • Manjimutt: "Are you gonna start looking like a Manjimutt?!"
  • Furgus: "Stop with all the lurking! It's a beautiful day out there...probably."
  • Hurchin: "You might get a headache and not know why..."
  • Gush: "Watch out for nosebleeds! Once they start, they're hard to stop!"
  • Rockabelly: "You should do a belly dance!"
  • Nosirs: "You have an excuse for everything don't you?"
  • Dismarelda: "Mind you don't bum out everyone around you!"
  • Chatalie: "You're all talk!"
  • Danke Sand:
  • Flumpy: "You're not sure what pose to strike, are you?"
  • Nagatha: "Sure you aren't being a nag?!"
  • Papa Windbag:
  • Ben Tover: "Soon you'll be able to wriggle out of all sorts of sticky situations!"
  • Cheeksqueek: "Do you fart when you're in class?"
  • Toiletta: "Who knows what adventures lie beyond the bathroom door?"
  • Drizzle: "It rains wherever you go!"
  • Alhail: "I think you're the only one here with white breath!"
  • Robbinyu: "Stealing's not all that it's cracked up to be."
  • Rawry: "I have one word for you: muffler."
  • Multimutt: "So...what? Are you gonna grow an extra head now?!"
  • Sproink:
  • Grumples: "You're going to get at least one wrinkle today!"
  • Robomutt:
  • No Sandkyu:
  • Skreek:
  • Sir Berus: "You sure are a unique one!"
  • Furdinand: "I hope you like furry things! Furry chairs, furry elbows, furry trees..."
  • Cuttincheez: "Your farts really stink! You should get your friends to smell them!"
  • Foiletta: "A spell may be temporary, but a disgruntled teacher lasts forever!"
  • Compunzer: "All your jokes fall flat!"
  • Lamedian: "You're not as funny as you think!"
  • Insomni *: "Are you getting insomnia?!"
  • Darknyan:
  • Everfore: "You've got mega girl power today!"
  • Eterna: "You're immortal--just for today!"
  • Sandi: "You're not going to wake up for another six months!"
  • Arachnus:
  • Arachnia:
  • Dandoodle: "Wow. Almost...TOO handsome."

  • Cricky: "No amount of pillow fluffing will save you now!"
  • Noko: "This might be your lucky day!"
  • Snaggly: "You're about to lose some admirers."
  • Heheheel: "Watch you don't actually end up laughing your head off!"
  • Fishpicable: "You hate everything right now! Well, that's no way to live!"
  • Flushback: "So many secrets, so little time!"
  • Irewig: "Turn that frown upside down! Do it!"
  • Draggie: "Don't forget to wipe your nose!"
  • Mermaidyn: "Lucky for you, curiosity killed the cat...not the fish."
  • Takoyakid: "You want to eat takoyaki! (Who doesn't like octopus dumplings?!)"
  • Croonger: "Write and perform a song! Now!"
  • Urnaconda: "Maybe something unexpected will pop out of...something unexpected!"
  • Lady Longnek: "Nothing to see here!"
  • Daiz: "Stop spacing out!"
  • Chummer: "You're gonna get real chummy with everyone around you!"
  • Spenp: "Caveat emptor. That means, 'Let the buyer beware.'
  • Babblong: "If you keep talking, the day will be over before you know it!"
  • Rageon: "If you're going to have hate in your heart, save it for evil!"
  • Confuze: "Speak more clearly!"
  • Shrook: "You're gonna suddenly be bad at something you're good at!"
  • Almi: "Don't just pick up every check you see! Got it?"
  • Draaagin:
  • SV Snaggerjag:
  • Copperled: "Don't be too assertive!"
  • Cynake: "Don't pout if your mom gets mad at you!"
  • Robonoko: "Includes stealth mode."
  • Robodraggie:
  • Takoyaking: "In the mood for takoyaki? (Who doesn't like octopus dumplings?!)"
  • Bloominoko: "You should try playing the lottery!"
  • Pandanoko: "Your skin will turn white--except for the area around your eyes!"
  • Whinona:
  • Tunatic: "You might get angry and throw a plate! Use paper plates today!"
  • Vacuumory:
  • Firewig:
  • Bananose: "Eat a banana! A banana, I say!"
  • Slitheref: "You just might get elected class president someday!"
  • Dragon Lord: "You're so strong! Careful you don't snap your pencil in two!"
  • Azure Dragon: "You're so beautiful, you might get mistaken for a work of art!"
  • Mermadonna: "You already look 10 years younger!"
  • Mermother: "Right now, you're capable of some truly amazing things!"
  • Venoct:
  • Shadow Venoct:
  • Slurpent:

  1. Grublappa: "Think before you lick."
  2. Madmunch: "Don't look down on farmers!"
  3. Scaremaiden: Those who follow you always lose their way!"
  4. Wrongnek: "It's a trap! IT'S A TRAP!"

Yo-kai that can fit in the Non-specific Challenges


  • During the localization of the first game, six challenges were cut from the International versions of the game, as said challenges had to deal with the Japanese writing system. It was also due to that Yo-kai in other languages do not have enough for foreign-language equivalents.
  • It is possible to exploit the reward system of the Yo-kai Cam's challenges in the first game by changing the Time/Date settings of the Nintendo 3DS and bounce around two dates within the 64-day schedule of the Yo-kai Cam challenges. Doing this exploit is inadvisable to players who frequently play games that heavily revolve around the 3DS' Date/Time setting, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
    • Doing so will cause Gargaros to make an appearance when the game starts up. Doing this will make Terror Time happen fractionally more likely.
    • However, in Yo-kai Watch 2, trying to exploit the reward system will result in the inability to access the Yo-kai Cam challenges for several real time days, along with getting barred from using the Crank-a-kai and participating in daily fights.
  • It is possible lose the ability to claim a prize. All one has to do is close the suspended software on the Nintendo 3DS without exiting out of the Yo-kai Cam.
    • Alternatively, the prize can be lost by not picking it up prior to midnight.

In other languages

  • Italian: Fotocamera Yo-kai