Classic Medals (Japanese: 古典メダル Koten Medaru) are Yo-kai Medals introduced during Yo-kai Watch 2 with the introduction of the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero and the Classic Yo-kai. Classic Medals, along with the Z Medals, were initially only compatible with the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, until more Classic Yo-kai were introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3.

Classic Medals are the older models of the Yo-kai Medals, and predates the modern-day Normal Medals and Z Medals. They are also a dull red in color, with the frames that surround the directional arrow (which contains a swirl) and the tribe symbol are framed in hollow squares, with the artwork done in a similar style to classic Japanese artwork, with the strip containing these Yo-kai's names are to the left on a plain color pertaining to that tribe.

Brave Tribe

Mysterious Tribe

Tough Tribe

Charming Tribe

Heartful Tribe

Shady Tribe

Eerie Tribe

Slippery Tribe

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