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Dream Medals (Japanese: ドリームメダル Dorīmu Medaru) are special Yo-kai Medals designed to work specifically with the Yo-kai Watch Dream.

These particular Medals resemble poker chips in design, with crowns instead of directional arrows. The names of the Yo-kai are written in English letterings with katakana-styled Furigana aide, with both English lettering and tribe symbols being made to emulate letters/shapes made with neon tubing. 

For a Yo-kai to obtain a Dream Medal, they are shown to trade in their former Yo-kai Medal (as Jibanyan did) or something completely different (Whisper traded parts of his own body due to not having a medal with him) at Dream Land if they want a Dream Medal. The medals can be used as roulette tokens to obtain special prizes, including the Yo-kai Watch Dream itself.

While not compatible with the DX Yo-kai Watch U, the Dream Medals can indeed emit sounds from the toy.

For certain Yo-kai who came prior to Yo-kai Watch 3 that have Dream Medals, there appears to be two variants of the Dream Medals, where one where the Yo-kai is happy, and the other where they're sad or expressing a different negative emotion.

The NFC Reader can scan this Medal Type, adding more gold spots onto the Dream Roulette Crank-a-kai in St. Peanutsburg.

Brave Tribe

Mysterious Tribe

Tough Tribe

Charming Tribe

Heartful Tribe

Shady Tribe

Eerie Tribe

Slippery Tribe

Wicked Tribe

Hagure Tribe

Enma Tribe


Nate summons Lord Enma
  • In EP138, when Nate summons Lord Enma, his Medal is the original one gifted to him and Hailey Anne during the second movie and not Enma's Dream Medal.
    • The same is with Toiletta, whom Nate used her Z Medal and not her Dream Medal.
    • Arachnus and Todal Dude were shown in a recap to have there classic medals instead of there Dream Medals
  • The Dream Medals are the first kind of Medals that serve as an umbrella variation, as these Medals are used by different Yo-kai types instead of just Present Yo-kai. This is due to how Dream Medals are created in the anime.