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Dream Medals (Japanese: ドリームメダル Dorīmu Medaru) are special Yo-kai Medals designed to work specifically with the Yo-kai Watch Dream.

These particular Medals resemble poker chips in design, with crowns instead of directional arrows. The names of the Yo-kai are written in English letterings with katakana-styled Furigana aide, with both English lettering and tribe symbols being made to emulate letters/shapes made with neon tubing. 

For a Yo-kai to obtain a Dream Medal, they are shown to trade in their former Yo-kai Medal (as Jibanyan did) or something completely different (Whisper traded parts of his own body due to not having a medal with him) at Dream Land if they want a Dream Medal. The medals can be used as roulette tokens to obtain special prizes, including the Yo-kai Watch Dream itself.

While not compatible with the DX Yo-kai Watch U, the Dream Medals can indeed emit sounds from the toy.

For certain Yo-kai who came prior to Yo-kai Watch 3 that have Dream Medals, there appears to be two variants of the Dream Medals, where one where the Yo-kai is happy, and the other where they're sad or expressing a different negative emotion.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, the NFC Reader (or the built-in amiibo reader on the New Nintendo 3DS models) can scan this Medal Type, adding more gold spots onto the Dream Roulette Crank-a-kai in St. Peanutsburg. This can be done with a charged Yo-kai Dream Medal by using the NFC functionality of the Dream Medal as like an amiibo (which of course isn't, but the medals do an amiibo bypass in Yo-kai Watch 3, Busters, and some of the arcade games).

Brave Tribe

Mysterious Tribe

Tough Tribe

Charming Tribe

Heartful Tribe

Shady Tribe

Eerie Tribe

Slippery Tribe

Wicked Tribe

Hagure Tribe

Enma Tribe


Nate summons Lord Enma
  • In EP138, when Nate summons Lord Enma, his Medal is the original one gifted to him and Hailey Anne during the second movie and not Enma's Dream Medal.
    • The same is with Toiletta, whom Nate used her Z Medal and not her Dream Medal.
    • Arachnus and Todal Dude were shown in a recap to have there classic medals instead of there Dream Medals
  • The Dream Medals are the first kind of Medals that serve as an umbrella variation, as these Medals are used by different Yo-kai types instead of just Present Yo-kai. This is due to how Dream Medals are created in the anime.