The Treasure Medals (Japanese: トレジャーメダル Torejā medaru) are only compatible with DX Yo-kai Watch Dream Model (requires version 4 update and newer) with any of the Treasure Power-up kit equipped and newer or DX Yo-kai Pod and any of the Treasure Gears. It was first introduced on June 24, 2017 in Japan, from the 6th and the last Dream series medal blind pack release. The QR codes on the back of these medals only works with the version 4.0 update of the third game. Also, the charge function of the Treasure Medals is only supported on Yo-kai Watch Dream Model and Yo-kai Pod.

There are 275 Treasure Medals in Total.

Brave Tribe

Mysterious Tribe

Tough Tribe

Charming Tribe

Heartful Tribe

Shady Tribe

Eerie Tribe

Slippery Tribe

Wicked Tribe

Enma Tribe

Hagure Tribe

Boss Yo-kai

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