Z Medals (Japanese: Zメダル Zetto Medaru) are Yo-kai Medals introduced during Yo-kai Watch 2 with the introduction of the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero. Yo-Motion Medals, along with the Classic Medals, were initially only compatible with the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero. The Z Medal toys in the West are unofficially known as Yo-Motion Medals and feature a flip-motion animation feature that was incorporated with the Hasbro DX Yo-kai Watch Model Zero.

Z Medals are the standard Medal format used by Present-day Yo-kai, preceding the Normal Medals in this function. They would later be succeeded by the U Medals.

Early on, Z Medals were distinguished from their Normal Medal counterparts only by their pastel green coloring. Later releases saw fit to add the kanji "Zero" (Japanese: Rei) onto the Medal. 

Jibanyan's Z Medals have the same catchphrases in the localized version and lack the pose names which is ironically kept in Yo-kai Watch 2 when each medal scanned. 

Brave tribe

Mysterious tribe

Tough tribe

Charming tribe

Heartful tribe

Shady tribe

Eerie tribe

Slippery tribe

Wicked tribe