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Yo-Kai Pad
Yo-kai Pad (Japanese: 妖怪パッド Youkai Paddo) is a device used by various Yo-kai in the world of Yo-kai Watch. They all contain information relating to various Yo-kai, access to websites around the Yo-kai World and anything else.

Notably, Whisper is known to use it to gather information for the Yo-kai Nathan Adams encounters in his daily life.


The Yo-kai Pad is meant to resemble a tablet, that includes various applications just like real-life tablets. It has a blue frame with a yellow center, and ears at the top of it. USApyon's Yo-kai pad is almost the same, but it has rabbit bucktooth instead of a sharp tooth on the face.


Currently, there are two characters in the series that own a Yo-kai Pad; Whisper and USApyon.

In the games

In Wibble Wobble, Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch 3, the Yo-kai Pad is for used for navigating the menus which have certain apps.


In Yo-kai Watch 2

Yo-Kai Ukiukipedia

Yo-Kai Dictionary

Yo-Kai Gerageline

Yo-Kai Gashagasha

Yo-Kai Watch

Satori-chan Communication

Friend List

QR Album

Mudazukai Shop

Wasurenbo Calender

Robonyan Calculator

Sebastian Timetable

Trophy Room




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