The Yo-kai Sofvi series (Japanese: 妖怪ソフビシリーズ) is a set of soft vinyl Yo-kai Watch toys, sold by Bandai.


2014 series

Image Name Release date
Sofvi Jibanyan Jibanyan April 26, 2014
Sofvi Komasan Komasan April 26, 2014
Sofvi Tsuchinoko Noko April 26, 2014
Sofvi Warunyan Baddinyan April 26, 2014
Sofvi Bushinyan Shogunyan July 26, 2014
Sofvi Robonyan Robonyan July 26, 2014
Sofvi Melamelion Blazion July 26, 2014
Sofvi Komajiro Komajiro July 26, 2014
Sofvi Togenyan Thornyan October 25, 2014
Sofvi Shurakoma Komashura October 25, 2014
Sofvi Fuyunyan Hovernyan November 29, 2014

2015 series

Image Name Release date
Sofvi Tsuchinoko Panda Pandanoko January 17, 2015
Sofvi Buchinyan Buchinyan January 17, 2015
Sofvi USApyon USApyon July 18, 2015

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