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Tomodachi Uikiukipedia
Ukiukipedia Dream
Yo-kai Watch- Ukiukipedia Shadowside logo

Yo-kai Watch: Tomodachi Ukiukipedia (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ ともだちウキウキペディア Yōkai Wotchi Tomodachi Ukiukipedia) is a Data Carddass arcade video game, which plays similarly to the 3DS games. Each full session of the game costs 1 credit/100 yen to play.

With the release of Yo-kai Watch 3, the game also had been given a second update, resulting it to go through a remodel into Yo-kai Watch: Ukiukipedia Dream (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ ウキウキペディアドリーム Yōkai Wotchi Ukiukipedia Dorīmu). This allowed the added functionality of the Dream Medals' "Y-Chip" NFC feature used for the DX Yo-kai Watch Dream toy.

On July 26 2018, Ukiukipedia Dream has received the third/Shadowside update, renaming the arcade game to Yo-kai Watch: Ukiukipedia Shadowside (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ ウキウキペディアシャドウサイド Yōkai Wotchi Ukiukipedia Shadōsaido), to coincide with the Shadowside movie, and the Shadowside anime. This update added more functionality, with the addition of the "NEO Y-Chip" NFC function used in the DX Yo-kai Watch Elder toy.

As of the update to this article, Ukiukipedia Shadowside is the current version of the arcade game.

How to play

Get a card! The machine will give you a random selection of one card. That card help get you a Local Yo-kai. Enter the card's password at the Lambert Post Office to get a very special Local Crank-a-kai coin. It has a backwards L on it, and it is gray. You will get the selected Local Yo-kai and a bonus Mega Exporb.
Hard version of Battle mode.
Battle mode
Scan your card. You can only 1 card.

You will see a map showing Sakura New Town. Browse through the map in a bird's-eye view. Once you find a Yo-kai's shadow, select it and get ready to face a 3-on-3 battle. One of them will be the Yo-kai shown on the card that you inserted. The Yo-kai's 'friend-soul' will appear when you battle. You can scan a summoning card. The game is turn-based. The slot machine requires you to tap buttons at the right time. The are 3 reels. You will earn points based on the symbol that the slot shows. The amount of points based on the results of the spin decides how much power your Yo-kai uses to attack. The game ends when all the Yo-kai of the opposing team have no health left. If the opposition is impressed, they will become friends with you! If not, you can try next time with a better chance of befriending them. After the battle ends, both teams' Yo-kai will show up. You can choose to get one of the 6 cards. The card can be upgraded with 2 other Yo-kai. The friend level will increase and its values will increase.

Cards are produced by the machine after every match, unless you choose to edit and upgrade your card. Cards are 5.9 cm by 8.6 cm long. On the front of a card shows a rank, a friendship level, upgrade level, class it is in, its picture, its special move, its name, its attributes and its stats. When the Yo-kai on the card reaches its maximum level on the card, it will evolve.
Cards can be bought in booster packs titled as "Wafers" (Japanese: ウエハース Uehāsu). It also may be found in certain issues of CoroCoro magazine. These cards are also compatible with the Yo-kai Watch Busters: Iron Oni Army arcade game.

Ukiukipedia Pack Editions

Tomodachi Ukiukipedia Pack Editions

Yo-kai released in these pack editions follow a certain numbering code: YW(Edition number)-(placement).

  1. First Edition: Ginkgo Town (Japanese: 第1弾 いちょうタウン Dai-Ichi-dan: Ichō Taun)
  2. Second Edition: Niwatoko City (Japanese: 第2弾 にわとこ町 Dai-Ni-dan: Niwatoko-machi)
  3. Third Edition: Mitsuba City (Japanese: 第3弾 みつば市 Dai-San-dan: Mitsuba-shi)
  4. Fourth Edition: Peony Shrine (Japanese: 第4弾 しゃくやく神社 Dai-Yon-dan: Shakuyaku-jinja)
  5. Fifth Edition: Itsusaki Elementary School (Japanese: 第5弾 イツサキ小学校 Dai-Go-dan: Itsusaki Shōgakkō)
  6. Sixth Edition: Kemamoto Village (Japanese: 第6弾 ケマモト村 Dai-Roku-dan: Kemamoto-mura)
  7. Seventh Edition: Nyanger Town (Japanese: 第7弾 ニャンジャータウン Dai-Nana-dan: Nyanjā Taun)
  8. Eighth Edition: Mint Beach Resort (Japanese: 第8弾 ハッカ浜リゾート Dai-Hachi-dan: Hakka Hama Rizōto)
  9. Ninth Edition: Yo-kai Nyaltora Quiz (Japanese: 第9弾 妖怪ニャルトラクイズ Dai-Kyū-dan: Yōkai Nyarutora Kuizu)
  10. Tenth Edition: Sakura New Town (Japanese: 第10弾 さくらニュータウン Dai-Jū-dan: Sakura Nyū Taun)
  11. Eleventh Edition: Boss Rush Express (Japanese: 第11弾 ボスラッシュ超特急 (エクスプレス) Dai-Jūichi-dan: Bosu Rasshu Ekusupuresu)
  12. Twelfth Edition: Sakura Country (Japanese: 第12弾 さくら国 Dai-Jūni-dan: Sakura-koku)
  13. Thirteenth Edition: Nyumber 1 Park (Japanese: 第13弾 ニャンバーワンパーク Dai-Jūsan-dan: Nyanbā Wan Pāku)

Ukiukipedia Dream Pack Editions

Yo-kai released in these pack editions follow a certain numbering code: YD(Edition number)-(placement). The Ukiukipedia Dream packs were initially given names after locations, much like the pack editions in Tomodachi Ukiukipedia. This practice was dropped with the second pack edition's release.

  • First Edition: Coconut Area/Square Park/Deserted Back Alley (Japanese: 第1弾 ココナッツエリア/しかく公園/さびれた路地裏 Dai-Ichi-dan: Kokonattsu Eria / Shikaku Kōen/Sabireta Rodjiura)
  1. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 1 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム1弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Ichi-dan)
  2. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 2 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム2弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Ni-dan)
  3. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 3 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム3弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu San-dan)
  4. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 4 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム4弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Yon-dan)
  5. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 5 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム5弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Go-dan)
  6. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 6 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム6弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Roku-dan)
  7. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 7 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム7弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Nana-dan)
  8. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 8 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム8弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Hachi-dan)
  9. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 9 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム9弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Kyū-dan)
  10. Ukiukipedia Dream Vol. 9 (Japanese: ウキウキペディアドリーム10弾 Ukiukipedia Dorīmu Jū-dan)

Special Editions
  • Ukiuki Looks (Japanese: ウキウキルック Ukiuki Rukku): These Ukiukipedia Cards feature Yo-kai in different outfits.

Yo-kai by Edition (Tomodachi Ukiukipedia)

  • Jibanyan (Happi TV-kun)
  • Jibanyan (Happi Elementary School Freshman)
  • Jibanyan (Happi Elementary School Sophomore)
  • Jibanyan (Happi Chao)
  • Jibanyan (Happi Kindergarden
  • Jibanyan (Happi Puchigumi)
  • Jibanyan (Happi CoroCoro #1!)
  • Jibanyan (Terror Time)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama)
  • Jibanyan (Aloha)
  • Jibanyan (Aloha - Purple)
  • Jibanyan (Seawater Bathing)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Jinbaori)
  • Jibanyan (School Uniform)
  • Jibanyan (Zhu Bajie)
  • Jibanyan (Nyanpachi)
  • Jibanyan (Nyanpachi) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Rai-sama: Black)
  • Jibanyan (Water Bottle)
  • Jibanyan (Popcorn)
  • Jibanyan (Jinbaori) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Reindeer)
  • Jibanyan (Next Generation Happi)
  • Jibanyan (Cake)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Red)
  • Jibanyan (School Uniform) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (School Bag)
  • Jibanyan (Snowball Fight)
  • Jibanyan (Martial Arts Outfit: Black)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Yellow)
  • Jibanyan (Martial Arts Outfit: Orange)
  • Jibanyan (Martial Arts Outfit: Black) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Martial Arts Outfit: Blue)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Blue)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Yellow) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Nom Burger)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Black) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Water Bottle) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (School Bag) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Aloha - Purple) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (School Uniform: Purple)
  • Jibanyan (Popcorn) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Hawaii Style: Movie Version Costume)
  • Jibanyan (Aloha) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Cowbell)
  • Jibanyan (Namahage)
  • Jibanyan (Maid)
  • Jibanyan (Mito Kōmon)
  • Jibanyan (Uesugi Kenshin)
  • Jibanyan (Takeda Shingen)
  • Jibanyan (Oda Nobunaga)
  • Jibanyan (Maiko)
  • Jibanyan (Tiger T-shirt)
  • Jibanyan (Hare of Inaba)
  • Jibanyan (Awa Dancer)
  • Jibanyan (Kyushu Boys)
  • Jibanyan (Shisa)
  • Jibanyan (White Uniform)
  • Jibanyan (Pucci Halloween Code)
  • Jibanyan (Hawaii Style: Movie Version Costume) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Pucci Halloween Code) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Kogane Jinbaori)
  • Jibanyan (Nyaoh)
  • Jibanyan (Cowboy)
  • Jibanyan (Cake) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Nom Burger) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (White Uniform) [Reprint]
  • Jibanyan (Next HarMEOWny)

  • Komasan (Aloha)
  • Komasan (Happi)
  • Komasan (Seawater Bathing)
  • Komasan (School Uniform)
  • Komasan (Sha Wujing)
  • Komasan (Detective)
  • Komasan (Detective) [Reprint]
  • Komasan (School Uniform: Green)
  • Komasan (Detective) [Reprint]
  • Komasan (Santa)
  • Komasan (Aloha - Red)
  • Komasan (Expedition Party)
  • Komasan (Expedition Party) [Reprint]
  • Komasan (Snowsuit)
  • Komasan (Pucci Pink Code)
  • Komasan (Seawater Bathing) [Reprint]
  • Komasan (Pucci Pink Code) [Reprint]
  • Komasan (Popcorn)
  • Komasan (Santa) [Reprint]
  • Komasan (Hawaii Style: Movie Version Costume)
  • Komasan (Komashiro)
  • Komasan (Cowboy)
  • Komasan (Taxi)
  • Komasan (School Uniform: Green) [Reprint]
  • Komasan (Aloha - Red) [Reprint]

  • Komajiro (Happi)
  • Komajiro (KJ)
  • Komajiro (Santa)
  • Komajiro (KJ) [Reprint]
  • Komajiro (Expedition Party)
  • Komajiro (Expedition Party) [Reprint]
  • Komajiro (Snowsuit)
  • Komajiro (Pucci Aqua Code)
  • Komajiro (Pucci Aqua Code) [Reprint]
  • Komajiro (KJ) [Reprint]
  • Komajiro (KJ) [Reprint]
  • Komajiro (Hawaii Style: Movie Version Costume)

  • Lie-in (Pajama)
  • Slicenrice (Hachimaki)
  • Blazion (Sports)
  • Hovernyan (Guts Mask)
  • Slicenrice (Hachimaki) [Reprint]
  • Pandle (Scarf & Gloves)
  • Slicenrice (Pajama) [Reprint]
  • Blazion (Sports) [Reprint]
  • Flamurice (Momotarō)
  • Slicenrice (Hachimaki) [Reprint]
  • Snartle (Quiz)
  • Hovernyan (Hawaii Style: Movie Version Costume)
  • Flamurice (Momotarō) [Reprint]
  • Shogunyan (Resident of Hell)

  • Kyubi (Sanzō Buddhist Pries; doubles as a pun referencing Sanzō)
  • Failian (USA)
  • Frostail (Winter Clothes)
  • Frostail (Winter Clothes) [Reprint]
  • Failian (USA) [Reprint]
  • Kyubi (Butler)
  • Failian (USA) [Reprint]

  • Robonyan (Frankenstein)
  • Roughraff (JPN Jacket)
  • Robonyan (Frankenstein - Vintage)
  • Roughraff (JPN Jacket) [Reprint]
  • Robonyan (Frankenstein - Vintage) [Reprint]
  • Robonyan F-Type (Express Conductor)
  • Gargaros (Crown)
  • Gilgaros (Resident of Hell)

  • Komane (Vagabond: Spring)
  • Baddinyan (Captain)
  • Baddinyan (Captain) [Reprint]
  • Blizzaria (Teacher)
  • Komiger (Vagabond)
  • Dianyan (Quiz)
  • Jibakoma (Express Conductor)
  • Red J (Cowboy)
  • Mighty Dog (Cowboy)

  • Happierre (Married Love)
  • Happierre (Married Love) [Reprint]

  • Poofessor (Gold Jacket)
  • Wobblewok (Infinite King)

  • Dandoodle (White Uniform)
  • Manjimutt (Dog Escape)
  • Manjimutt (Dog Escape) [Reprint]
  • Dismarelda (Married Love)
  • Dismarelda (Married Love) [Reprint]
  • Darknyan (Gorgeous Winter)

  • Venoct (Winter Clothes)
  • Venoct (Quiz)
  • Venoct (Winter Clothes) [Reprint]

  • Rubinyan
  • Jibanyan (Terror Time)
  • Frostail
  • Komasan (Happi)
  • Robonyan (Frankenstein)
  • Hovernyan (Guts Mask)
  • Robonyan F
  • Frostail [Reprint]
  • U.S.O. (USA)
  • Lie-in (Pajama)
  • Blazion (Sports)
  • Kyubi (Butler)
  • Master Nyada
  • Illuminoct
  • Momotaronyan
  • Goldenyan
  • Darknyan (Gorgeous Winter)
  • Komasan (Gerapper)
  • Jibanyan (Cowboy)

Yo-kai by Edition (Ukiukipedia Dream)

  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Red)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Black)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Blue)
  • Jibanyan (Kaminari-sama: Yellow)
  • Jibanyan (School Uniform)
  • Jibanyan (School Uniform: Purple)
  • Jibanyan (White Uniform)
  • Jibanyan (Crabbycat)
  • Jibanyan (School Bag)
  • Jibanyan (Nom Burger)
  • Jibanyan (Aloha)
  • Jibanyan (Aloha: Purple)
  • Jibanyan (Sea Swimming)
  • Jibanyan (Cute Halloween Overcoat)
  • Jibanyan (Terror Time)
  • Jibanyan (Martial Arts Gi: Orange)
  • Jibanyan (Martial Arts Gi: Blue)
  • Jibanyan (Martial Arts Gi: Black)
  • Jibanyan (Zhu Bajie)

  • Komasan (Detective)
  • Komasan (School Uniform)
  • Komasan (School Uniform: Green)
  • Komasan (Happi)
  • Komasan (Aloha)
  • Komasan (Aloha: Red)
  • Komasan (Sea Swimming)
  • Komasan (Cute Pink Overcoat)
  • Komasan (Sha Wujing)

  • Lie-in (Pajama)
  • Flamurice (Momotarō)
  • Fuyunyan S (Nom Burger)
  • Shogunyan (Denizen of Hell

  • Kyubi (Butler)
  • Failian (USA)
  • Kyubi (Xuanzang)

  • Roughraff (JPN Jacket)
  • Gargaros (Crown)
  • Robonyan (Frankenstein)
  • Robonyan (Frankenstein: Vintage)

  • Komiger (Vagabond: Spring)
  • Komiger (Vagabond)
  • Blizzaria (Teacher)
  • Komajiro (Happi)
  • Baddinyan (Captain)
  • Komajiro (Cute Aqua Overcoat)


  • Poofessor (Golden Jacket)
  • Wobblewok (Lord King of the Infinite)

  • Dandoodle (White Uniform)


Yo-kai Yet to be Featured

Rank D
Rank C
Rank B
Rank A

Rank S


  • All Yo-kai Ranks prior to Yo-kai Watch 3 are the same as their inclusion in Yo-kai Watch Busters. In example, Rhinormous, a Rank S Yo-kai, is treated as a Rank A Yo-kai, which was the case with Rhinormous in Yo-kai Watch Busters.

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