Present Yo-Kai Watches

Several Yo-kai Watches sold by Yopple on display, alongside the Yo-kai Pad.

The Yo-kai Watch (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ Yōkai Wotchi) is the titular device which the series revolves on. It is a special watch that allows humans to see and communicate with Yo-kai. Yo-kai also use it to communicate with humans.


The Yo-kai Watch is an unique piece of technology which helps humans to uncover and communicate with Yo-kai, a feat normally impossible without the use of this device. Conversely, the Yo-kai watch is useful for Yo-kai to communicate with humans.

The real power of the Yo-kai Watch, however is the ability granted to the use to summon Yo-kai he/she has previously befriended by inserting their respective Yo-kai Medals into its gap. Each of the eight primary tribes of Yo-kai have their own summoning song, as well as their surge of light sporting the respective color of the backs of their medals. It should be noted that a medal inserted upside down (or wrong side up) won't trigger the summon; the original Watch model had it where it would make the leader of the Nosirs say: "Ah ah ah!" in a scolding manner.

Similarly, the user who wears the Yo-kai Watch is the only one who can summon Yo-kai. Likewise, Yo-kai themselves who are being called can deny the summon, and may bring other Yo-Kai with them (as shown in episode 56 when Komajiro joined Komasan for a summoning).



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Yo-kai Watch

The Yo-kai Watch, in its Model Zero incarnation, was first conceived by Nathaniel/Kenny around 60 years ago. Nathaniel/Kenny also created Yo-kai Medal prototypes for five of his closest Yo-kai friends, which were Classic Yo-kai.

In the present day, on one summer day while trying to catch bugs for a summer project, Nate/Katie (depending on which character the player is using) receive a present-day model of the Yo-kai Watch (which also differs depending on the character) courtesy of a freed Whisper, who instructs he/she to use its light to uncover Buhu in order to start a combat, which began a series of misadventures that lead to the discovery of a diabolical plot. After the player defeats the would-be usurper McKraken, the Yo-kai Watch fades along with the Yo-kai out of the character's sight as the seal transports all Yo-kai back into the Yo-kai World, though the Yo-kai Watch and all Yo-kai eventually return.

Yo-kai Watch 2

However, one night, Kin and Gin (with Bronzlow appearing as well in Psychic Specters) arrive over Nate/Katie's house while they were sleeping and caused the Yo-kai Watch along with it's owner's memories to vanish. The next day, Nate/Katie finds the Yo-kai Watch in the Memory Shop. The shop owner offers he/she to sell the Watch for just $1.00 (¥100 in Japan), then to use it at the Crank-a-kai outside. Nate/Katie buys one of the capsules and drops it aside, revealing Whisper. The Yo-kai Watch restores the memories of both Nate/Katie and Whisper, among them ones about Jibanyan. When Nate/Katie and Whisper reunite with Jibanyan, the Yo-kai Watch restores Jibanyan's memories as well.

After traveling 60 years into the past, Nate/Katie learns from Hovernyan about the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero. Whisper then explains the normal model was created by Steve Jaws. Sometime later, Nate/Katie gives Nathaniel/Kenny the main piece needed to finish the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero. Nathaniel/Kenny then entrusts Nate/Katie with the watch.

Yo-kai Watch 3

When his mother got inspirited by Cornfused after Nate finds her misplaced glasses, he discovers that his Yo-kai Watch can't make 'Merican Yo-kai appear when hit by the light. Moping at the failure in his room, Whisper soon gives him the Yo-kai Watch Model U1 which he traded in the Medallium to get to replace the Yo-kai Watch and allow him to see 'Merican Yo-kai. Hailey later obtains her Yo-kai Watch Model U2 in the same manner she did in the anime, where it was through Usapyon's machinations that she got it outside the store, as the barcode on the box was illegitimate.

Steve Jaws came to Nate's rescue after losing to Ma Injaneno. Nate got the Yo-kai Watch Dream Model and defeated him.

Mark Orckerberg later invites Nate, Hailey, and several Yo-kai to his building, where all of the Yo-kai Watch models have been gathered and put on display. At the end of the chapter, Hailey gets her own Yo-kai Watch Dream Model.

During a mission in a cowboy town, Nate temporarily lends his Watch to a local so that she can see a Yo-kai, and she returns the watch to him shortly afterwards. Similarly Hailey lends her watch to Professor Hughley


Yo-kai Watch

The circumstances that lead Nate into obtaining the Yo-kai Watch in the anime are fairly different. In Yo-kai Are Real!, Nate returns to his house with Whisper and he finds his parents arguing. Because of that, Whisper notes that's "her" doing. After Nate wonders what is he talking about, Whisper gives him the Yo-kai Watch and instructs him to shine its light onto his parents; Nate finds Dismarelda this way.

In The New Yo-kai Watch, Whisper and Nate witness Yopple CEO Steve Jaws' conference about the new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero through Whisper's Yo-kai Pad, explaining that he was able to mass-produce it with new technology, then announcing its release on the same day of the presentation.

After acquiring the new model, Nate tries to use it and learns he must use Z Medals to get it to work. Afterwards, Jibanyan gives Nate his three new medals and Nate finally uses it successfully. Accidentally, the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero ends inside Whisper's mouth, and Nate discovers he can switch between watch models by diving his hand into Whisper's mouth.

In Usapyon Is Here!, Hailey finds a Yo-kai Watch Model U Prototype, labelled as a "Space Watch" in a hobby shop and decides to buy it after she finds out that it can communicate with aliens. Sometime later and believing it was a fake, she finds an unknown Yo-kai using its light during class, sparking a new interest on the watch. At home, using the watch, she finds Usapyon, who tells her about the Yo-kai Watch Model U and gives his Yo-kai Medal to test it.

In A New Watch!, following the announcement of Steve Jaws' stepping down from Yopple, the newly appointed CEO Mark Orckerberg unveils the Yo-kai Watch Model U and describes some of its features before ending his exposition claiming it was actually a prototype and handed to notable people in the Yo-kai World only, which makes Whisper feel angered, who set himself into going to purchase it. However, Hidabat emerges from Nate's closet with one of the prototypes, which it got to it's friendship with Orckerberg, as evidenced by a photo taken on Nate's room, and offers it to Nate, as the bat Yo-kai cannot use it. Nate tests his new watch with Jibanyan's old medal successfully, but expresses some lack of interests about its other features due to Cornfused possessing him.

In EP098, the two Watches get upgraded. Nate's watch becomes the light-blue Yo-kai Watch Model U1 while Hailey's watch becomes the yellow Yo-kai Watch Model U2.

In EP130, Tomnyan informs Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan of the Yo-kai Watch Dream, and the four of them, along with Hidabat went to Dream Land and attempted to get it via the Roulette Machine. However, Jibanyan and Tomnyan are unsuccessful as well as Whisper, who ended up betting all of body parts except for his eyes and arms in lieu of not having a Yo-kai Medal. Whisper ended up getting the Yo-kai Watch Dream from Walkappa, via trading with other Yo-kai that were participating.

Yo-kai Watch Shadowside

It was revealed that every Yo-kai Watch model was destroyed since the events of the original series, under orders from the new Yo-kai ruler Jaou Kaira. However, in the wake of the approaching Onimaro invasion, Enma and Mitsue Arihoshi reveal that an ancient object similar to a Yo-kai Watch, created by the Genyou Tribe, originally known as the Elda Magic Mirror and repurposed into the Yo-kai Watch Elda, was kept hidden and awaiting to accept n user in order to serve as a means to counter the Onimaro menace. After a series of failed 443 attempts in order for the Yo-kai Watch Elda to accept a human user, Natsume Amano receives it from Whisper and becomes the first person to hold a Yo-kai Watch after 30 years.

After Natsume succeds on removing the darkness on Touma Tsukinami's heart in order to save him from death by the rejection of the Kigan Gear, this artifact becomes the Ogre Seal Orb Mirror, which Enma renames as the Yo-kai Watch Ogre, and Touma is allowed to carry it in order to counter the effects of the Onimaro Possession and fight Oniou Rasen.

In SS001, the Yo-kai Watch Elda accepts another user in addition to Natsume, namely her younger brother, Keisuke Amano.

In SS013, for having proved his value to the Genjuu, Akinori Arihoshi receives the Animas Heaven-Bearing Mirror from Suzaku, and renames it as the Yo-kai Watch Animas.

Known Watches

Yo-kai Watch (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ Yōkai Wotchi)
YWnormal YWFumi
This Yo-kai Watch model is the most often-seen variant. It allows the user to summon Yo-kai which have silver medals, and the golden-framed Medals of the first five Legendary Yo-kai (Shogunyan, Dandoodle, Elder Bloom, Komashura, and Gilgaros). Whenever a Yo-kai Medal is inserted into the Yo-kai Watch, it plays a special tribe-specific summoning song.

If Katie is chosen as the player character in the games, in EP067 as well in the manga, her Yo-kai Watch model looks noticeably different: it is designed in the grounds of a pocket watch, complete with a strap, emblazoned with heart patterns. Despite its appearance, it has the same functions and features as the regular model.

Curiously, in the variant cover for the second issue of the Yo-kai Watch IDW comic, Katie is shown with the same version of the watch as Nate. [1]

Yo-kai Watch Model Zero (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチタイプ (ゼロ) Yōkai Wotchi Taipu Zero-shiki)
Yo-kai Watch Model Zero

This model was conceived/invented by Nathaniel/Kenny 60 years ago, making it the very first usage of a Yo-kai Watch. In the anime, this model was mass-produced by Steve Jaws.

It allows the user to summon present day Yo-kai that have Z-Medals (which have green frames), Classic Yo-kai which have Classic Medals (with dull red frames), the remaining Legendary Yo-kai Spoilerina, Poofessor, and Slurpent) and the Wicked Yo-kai. Yo-kai not belonged in said groups cannot be summoned; however, they can update their medals (as seen with Jibanyan) to allow their summoning. Barring the Wicked tribe, none of the summoning songs have lyrics; instead using instrumental variants.

To trigger the summon, the user must insert the medal, turn the arrow to "1" to play the summoning song, and finally drag it to "2" in order to call the Yo-kai.

When using the Yo-kai revealing light on this model, it gives off a short announcement before allowing the user to use the light.

For some reason, Nate never uses this watch to find Yo-kai in the anime so the phrase "Searching for Yo-kai." is never used.

Yo-kai Watch Model U (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ (ユー) Yōkai Wotchi Yū)

This model was conceived and developed by Mark Shachiberg.

It has absolute backwards compatibility with previous medal types, allowing it to use Regular, Z, and Classic Medals, as well as being able to summon Present Yo-kai with U-medals designed specifically for use in this model and 'Merican Medals. Each summon begins with a Yo-kai announcer saying "Ladies and Gentlemen", then stating the tribe of the Yo-kai being summoned. Summoning songs are different from previous models, and each feature a small Yo-kai chorus in a different background, similar to a performing stage. Likewise, Song Medals can be used in this model, each featuring an extended version of the summoning song for solo Yo-kai, and a radically different song for Yo-kai in groups.

According to Shachiberg, this model has the potential to continue evolving, as hinted by a small slot on the left side of the watch.

In EP098, Mark Shachiberg announces an upgrade to the Model U. It allows the Yo-kai Watch to summon Legendary VIP Yo-kai, as seen with T. Energison. Completing the update allows the Yo-kai Watch Model U to reach its perfect form. There are at least five color schemes to choose from, even though two of them are used. Nate chooses the light-blue Model U1 color (left) and Hailey chooses the yellow Model U2 color (right).

In the video games, both Nate and Hailey start out with the Model U1/U2 of the Yo-kai Watch Model U, in a similar way how they had gotten their Yo-kai Watches in the anime, though Nate had retrieved his soon after settling into his new home in St. Peanutsburg.

Oni Brother Dream Model Watch
During the events of the second movie, Nate attempts to summon Lord Enma with his Model U1, but he fails. However, his watch carried some power to Hailey's Model U2 and both Yo-kai Watches temporarily assume the Yo-kai Watch Model U - Version E (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ (ユー) バージョン (イー) Yōkai Wotchi Yū: Bājon Ī) model to be strong enough to summon Lord Enma. Hailey received a copy of Lord Enma's medal and she and Nate used both of their watches at the same time to summon Lord Enma.
Yo-kai Watch Dream Model (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチドリーム Yōkai Wotchi Dorīmu)
Yo-kai Watch Dream
The Yo-kai Watch Dream was developed by Steve Jaws in exile after stepping down of Yopple and Mark Shachiberg took his place.

In EP130, Nate, Whisper, Jibanyan, Hidabat, and Tomnyan visited Dream Land to participate in a roulette game to win various prizes, including the Yo-kai Watch Dream Model, which they had arrived to obtain. Because of their poor luck, Whisper trades off his body parts for tokens since he doesn't have a Yo-kai Medal. He doesn't outright win the watch yet manages to obtain it by trading off the items he did get.

Like the Yo-kai Watch Model U, all Yo-kai Medals can be inserted into the watch and summoned correctly, and has a series of Medals, the Dream Medals, that will work solely with the Yo-kai Watch Dream Model. When a Yo-kai Medal is inserted into the watch, the Watch announces "It's a (tribe name) time! (Event/food) Roulette!" as the bulbs on the watch light up, then put that Yo-kai through a challenge of luck that determines how they feel when they are summoned; unavoidably due to this gimmick, this Watch model sometimes causes problems for the Yo-kai who is summoned. When they win, they get a giant victorious fanfare with cheering in the background, while when they lose they get a lose fanfare and a chorus reciting what they did get instead with some samba music, then with a final fanfare, the Watch plays a laugh track at the Yo-kai's misery.

The Yo-kai Watch Dream Model is powerful enough to summon Lord Enma without assistance, as shown in EP138 when Nate summons Lord Enma solo style to battle Gachin-kozo implying that this is the strongest Yo-kai Watch[2].

The 7 types of Roulettes are Sushi (Japanese: 寿司ネタルーレット Sushi-neta Rūretto), Dream (Japanese: ドリームルーレット Dorīmu Rūretto), Shopping Mall Lottery (Japanese: 商店街福引きルーレット Shōten-gai Fukubiki Rūretto), Tempura (Japanese: 天ぷらルーレット Tenpura Rūretto), Vending Machine (Japanese: 自動販売機ルーレット Jidō Hanbaiki Rūretto), Christmas Present (Japanese: クリスマスプレゼントルーレット Kurisumasu Puresento Rūretto), and Seat Changing (Japanese: 席替えルーレット Sekigae Rūretto).

The biggest departure from typical Yo-kai Watches, however, is the fact that the Yo-kai Watch Dream Model has special gear that is designed to work with it via a function called Dream Link, and as such, can be detached from its base. It is compatible with the Yo-kai Blaster (Japanese: 妖怪ブラスター Yōkai Burasutā), a gun-like weapon the Watch wearer can use to do additional damage to their Yo-kai opponents, the Yo-kai Bazooka, the Yo-kai Drill (Japanese: 妖怪ドリル Yōkai Doriru), a excavation drill used to destroy impeding rock, the Yo-kai Cleaner (Japanese: 妖怪クリーナー Yōkai Kurīnā), a UFO-like device that gathers items that increases in power by leveling up, and the Enma Blade (Japanese: エンマブレード Enma Burēdo), a powerful sword which can be used by Lord Enma, as well as Nate.

Unlike in the video game, Hailey never received a Yo-kai Watch Dream Model, thus her Yo-kai Watch U got the ability to read Dream Medals.

Black Yo-kai Watch (Japanese: 黒い妖怪ウォッチ Kuroi Yōkai Wotchi)
Black Yo-kai Watch (Anime)
This model seems to only appear in an alternate world -known as the Dark World-. Its creator is unknown.

This model is unique in that it is actually a Yo-kai, being sentient, and instead of searching for Yo-kai, its light -purple in color- scans a human and causes a being sealed in the watch to swallow the human whole, after that it spits him/her out transformed into a Yo-kai -as seen with Kemushi-otoko, Mukade-otoko, Hae-otoko and Kamakiri On'na (Nate, Bear, Eddie, and Katie respectively).

Yo-kai Watch Elda (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ エルダ Yōkai Wotchi Eruda)
Yo-Kai Watch Elder Eruda
Originally an item called the Elda Magic Mirror (Japanese: エルダ魔導鏡 Eruda Madōkyō) created by an ancient tribe known as the Genyou, which was later modified by Lord Enma and called the Yo-kai Watch Elda.

This model of the watch resembles that of the original Yo-kai Watch worn by Natsume's father, Nate. It is white in color all over, and has two hinges on each side. The inside has a working mechanical detail, which only can be seen if the watch is opened. Unlike the previous watches, the Yo-kai Watch Elda uses Key-shaped medals, used to summon Yo-kai and also allows them to shift through either Lightside or Shadowside forms.

Its original owner prior to the events of the film is unknown, however it was safely guarded by Whisper for 30 years until he gave it to Nate's only daughter, Natsume Amano.

Yo-kai Watch Ogre (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ オーガ Yōkai Wotchi Ōga)
2018-04-21 19.05.05
Originally named the Ogre Seal Orb Mirror (Japanese:) but then named Yo-kai Watch Ogre by Lord Enma. Another unique Yo-kai Watch created from the remains of the Kigan Gear after Touma found his own resolve against the Onimaro's influence.

Unlike any models of the watch, the Ogre doesn't rely on using medals or arks at all. Instead, it allows the user to transform into one out of 4 chosen Genma Yo-kai from the watch by pressing the button on the side and rotating the dial to the specific spot. Pushing the center of the watch down would allow the user to transform into the selected Yo-kai in battle. Also, if the Fudou Raimeiken is inserted into the watch, the user will transform into Fudou Myouou.

It has the power to summon Kenbumajin Yo-kai

Yo-kai Watch Animas (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ アニマス Yōkai Wotchi Animasu)
Yo-kai Watch Animas
A Yo-kai Watch possessed by Akinori Arihoshi that was gifted to him by Suzaku and nicknamed "Yo-kai Watch Animas" by Akinori. In actuality, it's an item called the Animas Heaven-bearing Mirror (Japanese: アニマス天承鏡 Animasu Tenjōkyō).

The Yo-kai Watch Animas uses Genju Disks to summon Genjuu Yo-kai.

Yo-kai Watch Elda Zero (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチエルダ零 Yōkai Wotchi Eruda Zero)
Yo-kai Watch Elder Zero
A Yo-kai Watch possessed by Shin Shimomachi.
Yo-kai Watch Elda Jin (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチエルダ神 Yōkai Wotchi Eruda Jin)
Yo-kai Watch Elder God
A Yo-kai Watch possessed by Itsuki Takashiro which has the ability to summon Godside Yo-kai.

In Real Life

Following their appearances in the anime, real-life replicas of the various models of the Yo-kai Watch are being released in Japan, each with two Yo-kai Medal replicas. More medals can be obtained by buying them in packs or by the Gashapon.

Asian Watches


Model Release details
YokaiWatchJPWatch Released on January 11, 2014 in Japan with Yo-kai Medals of Jibanyan and Dismarelda.
YokaiWatchZeroModelJP Released on August 2, 2014 in Japan, with Yo-kai Medals of Jibanyan (Nyext Z Medal) and K'mon-K'mon.
KatieWatchJP Released on April 25, 2015 in Japan, with Yo-kai Medals of Goldenyan and Baddinyan.
YokaiWatchUJPModel Released on August 1, 2015, with Yo-kai Medals of USApyon and Cornfused.
YokaiWatchDreamJP Released on July 30, 2016, with a Dream Medal of Jibanyan and a normal Showbonyan Medal.
KuroiJPWatch Released on February 18, 2017, with a Black Jibanyan and a Kemushi-otoko Medal.
Yo-Kai Watch Orge (2) Released on December 09, 2017
O 1c8jfuipo1v2549dndi34ip5q7 Released on July 14, 2018

Upgrade Kits & Accessories

Model Release details
U1JPUpgradeKit Released on December 12, 2015 in Japan as part of the Evolution Kit series, with Yo-kai Medals of "Nyanyan All Stars" and T. Energison.
U2JPUpgradeKit Released in December 12, 2015 as part of the Evolution Kit series, with Yo-kai Medals of "Amekome Club" and T. Energison once again.
EnmaJPUpgradeKit Released in December 26, 2015 as part of the Evolution Kit series, with Yo-kai Medals "Red Hot Oni Backers" and Lord Enma (Pre-Awakening).
YokaiBlasterDXJP Released in October 22, 2016 as a separate accessory for the Dream Watch. Comes with a Tengu Dream Medal.
YokaiBazookaDXJP Released on November 14, 2016 as a separate accessory for the Dream Watch. Comes with an U Robonyan Dream Medal.
YokaiEnmaSwordJP Released in November 23, 2016 as a separate accessory for the Dream Watch. Comes with a Lord Enma Dream Medal.
Enma Breath Released in 2016 as a separate accessory for the Dream Watch. Comes with a King Enma Dream Medal.
YokaiWatchGoldTreasureJP Released on March 25, 2017, with a Treasure Jibanyan (Dream) Medal.
Crystal Released on August 26, 2017, with a Yamato Bokeru Medal.
EldaZeroUpgradeKit Releasing in December 8, 2018, with Ame no Murakumo's ark.
EldaGodUpgradeKit Releasing in December 8, 2018, with Ame no Murakumo's ark.

Western Watches

Model Release details
YWHasbrotoy Released on December 28th, 2015 in America with Yo-kai Medals of Jibanyan and Whisper. This watch is not compatible with even Jibanyan's Nyext, Nyaight, and Victory pose Z Medals like the Japanese one technically did.
Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero USA Released on October 1, 2016, with Yo-kai Medals of Jibanyan (Victory Pose Z Medal) and K'mon-K'mon. Unlike the Japanese counterpart and like the Yo-kai Watch Model U, this watch is also 95% compatible with all normal medals. This watch also has Yo-Motion that displays the Yo-kai corresponding to the medal.
Yo-kai Watch Model U In 2018, the Yo-kai Watch Model U was released in Latin America & Europe along with Yo-kai Medals of Usapyon ('Merican Medal) and Blazion (B Medal). The watch has a 95% compatibility with all the past medals. This watch also has Yo-Motion 2X that displays the Yo-kai corresponding to the medal doing a summoning dance and doing their Soultimate Move.

Version history

Yo-kai Watch Model U

The Model U updates via an SD Card slot on the side of the watch. The downloads to the updates can be found in the Yo-tunes page.


Version Release date Changes Download Link
Version 1 JPAugust 1, 2015
Base version. N/A
Version 2 JPOctober 1, 2015
Adds support for the first ten Song Medals. Japanese


Version 3 JPDecember 1, 2015
Adds support for a handful of Yo-kai Medals, including T. Energison. Japanese*
Version 4 JPJanuary 1, 2016
Adds support for the third batch of Song Medals. Japanese
Version 5 JPMay 1, 2016
Adds support for more Merican Medals. Japanese
Version 6 JPJuly 1, 2016
Adds support for more Merican and U Medals.
Version 7 JPNovember 1, 2016
Adds support for the remaining U Medals.


Version Release date Changes Download Link
Version 1 KO2016
Base version. N/A
Version 2 KOJuly 1, 2016
Base version.

Yo-kai Watch Dream

Straying away from the regular sized SD Card, the DX Yo-kai Watch Dream updates using MicroSD. This can be found by the small slot found on the front of the toy. The downloads to the updates can be found in the Yo-tunes page.


Version Release date Changes Download Link
Version 1 JPJuly 30, 2016
Base version. N/A
Version 2 JPNovember 1, 2016
Released in conjunction with the final update of the Model U.
Version 3 JPMarch 1, 2017
Adds support for Treasure and Kuroi Medals.
Version 4 JPJune 1, 2017
Version 5 JPNovember 1, 2017
Download (Japanese)


Version Release date Changes Download Link
Version 1 KO2017
Base version. N/A
Version 2 KO2018

Yo-kai Watch Elder

Just like the DX Yo-kai Watch Dream, the DX Yo-kai Watch Elder updates via MicroSD.

Version Release date Changes Download Link
Version 1 JPJuly 14, 2018
Base Version N/A
Version 2 JPNovember 16, 2018
Added compatibility for the DX Yo-kai Watch Elder Zero/God Powerup Kit (for use with the DX Yo-kai Watch Elder), and the DX Enma Staff. This will now also apply for all future Yo-kai Arks after the third Yo-kai Ark pack.
Version 3 TBA TBA TBA

External links


  • The Yo-kai Watch Model U is the sole Yo-kai Watch model that had multiple versions, with six: the U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, and the Version E. However, only the U1, U2, and Version E models were made into toys. The unused Yo-kai Watch Model U models are the green U3, the violet purple U4, and the pink U5. 
  • The other Yo-kai Watches were stated to be destroyed 30 years later in the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside movie


  2. Nate summoning Lord Enma

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