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Yo-kai Watch 3 (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ3 Yōkai Wotchi Surī) is a role-playing game developed for the Nintendo 3DS by Level-5, and is the sequel to Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch Blasters.

The games were originally released as Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ3 スシ Yōkai Wotchi Surī Sushi) and Yo-kai Watch 3: Tempura (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ3 テンプラ Yōkai Wotchi Surī Tenpura), exclusively in Japan on July 16, 2016.

A third version, going by Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチ3 スキヤキ Yōkai Wotchi Surī Sukiyaki) was released on December 15, 2016 in Japan.

For the Western release, Sukiyaki was used as the "definitive version" of the video game, the base game containing all updates as well as the versions-specific content, in Europe in December 7, 2018 and December 8, 2018 in Australia, then in North America on February 8, 2019.


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Nate and his family move to St. Peanutsburg, in a fictitious country called BBQ, after Nate's father transferred his business there. During his story arc of the main game, Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan befriend Buck.

Also available for the first time in Yo-kai Watch 3, Hailey Anne makes her debut in the main series games. Unlike Nate though, her story takes place in Springdale, Japan with Usapyon. In her story arc during the game, she forms the Hapyon Detective Agency.

Later, Nate, Hailey Anne, Buck, and their befriended Yo-kai team up against a common threat.


The game was first announced during an issue in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro. Level-5 announced that more information will be showed during their annual Level-5 Vision 2015 event.

During Level-5 Vision 2015, the company showed a trailer and revealed that the game will take place in a fictionalized American setting. They also revealed a new protagonist alongside Nate, whose name was revealed as Hailey Anne Thomas, alongside her own Yo-kai partner Usapyon.

Further, it has revealed that the game's American town setting is named St. Peanutsburg, where the player can encounter new "'Merican" Yo-kai. It was also revealed that the game swaps between the two protagonists, with Hailey Anne's side of the story still taking place back in Springdale.

Level-5 announced that the game was aiming for a Summer 2016 release in Japan.

During the April 2016 issue of CoroCoro, the version names of Yo-kai Watch 3 were called "Sushi" and "Tempura". Additionally, a new tribe, the "Wandroid Tribe" made its debut in the game and as well showing a new Yo-kai in it: Sighborg Y.

Level-5 revealed new information about the game after its uncovering in the CoroCoro magazine. A third, definitive version came out later in December 2016 entitled "Sukiyaki," complete with new post-game quests and story-lines, and an update to the former two versions, and the addition of a "Busters Treasure" mode.

Two full-scale content updates released later on through August 2017.


Nintendo's international Twitters revealed in late September 2018 that the game was set for a localized release in February 2019 for North America, and Winter 2019 for Europe, and Summer 2018 for Australia and New Zealand.

Due to Nintendo referring to Yo-kai Watch 3 as a single game and the logo using colors and aspects of Sukiyaki's, fans speculated that the game's versions would be merged together for the worldwide release. This was further confirmed as the game went up for pre-order in October 2018 as a single game listing and was completely confirmed when the trailer showcasing the box art was shown.

Like the first game, this particular version of the game will consist of just one package that includes all content that was spread over the three Japanese versions, unlike its predecessor. There was a small hint in its reveal trailer that showed that this version would also include the Blasters T mode, which used to be Sukiyaki exclusive content. This was later confirmed by Nintendo's English website.

In Japan, the three games all had exclusive Yo-kai that could only be obtained by linking with other versions of the same game. With the European/American version, the player may link with different versions of Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch Blasters to obtain these exclusive Yo-kai in-game, as there are no separate versions this time around.

It is theorized that the reason this release is a bundle of three separate games in total, as opposed to the Japanese release, was done to capitalize on the sales numbers of the Yo-kai Watch franchise in Europe and America. Even though the games are known to have a big fanbase, they still don't sell as well when compared to other monster-collecting franchises.

To take a safer approach after the second game and its versions, many fans believe that the decision to release the games as one big package was made to adjust it according to the sales numbers in said continents.

The game itself was described to be "Sukiyaki+" or a Gold Edition of the game and will contain all of the Yo-Kai that are in all three versions of the game.[2]



Main article: Gameplay of Yo-kai Watch

Battle System

Yo-kai Watch 3 introduces a new battle system called the "Tactics Medal Board" which the player can place Yo-kai Medals on the bottom screen. By moving the medals around, the player will be able to avoid enemy attacks on the grid spots and as well switch out Yo-kai and perform various other actions.[3]

Terror Time

Terror Time now operates on a new mechanic: the player now must obtain a key somewhere on the map which will open the door to exit the Oni Dimension. At higher levels, either Gargaros, Ogralus or Orcanos hold the key instead, making it necessary to battle said Oni if they want to successfully escape the stage. However, it is possible, although very hard, to steal the key from the Oni's backs while they aren't looking.


Main article: List of Yo-kai by Medallium Number

The game also debuts new Yo-kai, as well as a new type of them called the "Merican Yo-kai", that wander the town of St. Peanutsburg. A new tribe was added to the game, known as the "Wandroid" tribe, though only including Sighborg Y.[4]

There's also new Legendary Yo-kai, including ones known as "Merican Legendary Yo-kai", and a brand new group of Legendary Yo-kai called the "Legendary VIP Yo-kai". Both games have many exclusive Yo-kai, including the headliner Yo-kai Koma Knomads (based on Komasan and Komajiro) exclusive to Sushi, and Tomnyan (based on Jibanyan) exclusive to Tempura.

In the original Japanese version, a group of Yo-kai called the "Seven Gods of Fortune" can appear when a Yo-kai medal is charged with a Yo-kai Aura, through the DX Yo-kai Watch Dream Model toy, and its other variants (via the Dream Link items). The god that appears is different depending on the Yo-kai Aura that was on the medal. They can be scanned through the New Nintendo 3DS screen or by an NFC reader. But because the localized versions of the game removed the function, the alternate option of Ghastly Fragments was still available.

In all cases, this will allow the player to battle and try to befriend one of the Yo-kai for a day. Much like in Yo-kai Watch 2, some Yo-kai can be befriended only separately in one version or the other. Like Yo-kai Watch 2 as well, you can choose specific Yo-kai to follow you. There are over 600 kinds of Yo-kai you can make friends with and use in battle.

Yo-kai Watch Model U

A new watch model called Yo-kai Watch Model U has the ability to see all Yo-kai including the ones from the previous games, as well as 'Merican Yo-kai, who have 'Merican Medals, and other new Yo-kai with the U Medals.

Yo-kai Watch Dream Model

Another new model called the Yo-kai Watch Dream Model lets you summon Yo-kai with Dream Medals. It can removed from its wristband base and be inserted into a Yo-kai Blaster in battle to shoot the opposing Yo-kai.

During a normal battle, the Yo-kai Blaster can also serve as an additional befriending mechanic where each projectile "tickles" the opposing Yo-kai, similar to the Model Zero mechanic in Yo-kai Watch 2. While in the overworld, it can be attached into the Yo-kai Drill to break down blocks, or the Yo-kai Cleaner to find items.


Main article: Build-A-Nyan

Build-a-Nyan (Japanese: マイニャン Mainyan, My Nyan) is a new feature in the game that allows the player to completely customize their own Originyan. The feature does not contain only cosmetic differences, but each Nyan the player creates will also behave differently. The player can decide on the character's face shape, color, eyes, and opt to give them accessories and clothing, as well as tails.

The player can also choose the tribe their created Nyan belongs to, as it isn't automatically a Charming (tribe) Nyan like Jibanyan. The player also has the option to choose its abilities, like its Inspirit and Soultimate attack. The player can do this by using various "Nyan-Teachers". The default Nyan teacher is Mr. Crabbycat. However, all Jibanyan-based Yo-kai can train your Nyan in specific ways. Being trained by an Nyan cat will take up to 3 real-life hours to complete. However, that can be skipped by using certain bottle items that are found throughout the enitre game. These bottles instantly complete one training session.

Zombie Night

Like the Terror Time feature in Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Watch 2, Yo-kai Watch 3 contains a feature named Zombie Night. Nate arms himself with a special hammer and some body armor, and must survive the night against Zombies, while being instructed by DR. Francesca Stein. Each objective is divided into "missions" rated in the same way Yo-kai are ranked, in which players are given rewards for ringing the bell at the desired location.

It plays out quite similarly to the Blasters side games, sharing a similar HUD and inventory screen. The major difference is of course that you control Nate instead of a preselected Yo-kai.

Next HarMEOWny Dancing Mini-game

There is a new dancing mini-game inside the NH Theater, Sparkopolis where Nate or Hailey Anne will dance alongside the members of Next HarMEOWny. In this case, it is the instrumental version of Idol Wa Ooh-Nya-Nya No Ken for the localized versions, while in the original Japanese game, it is fully vocalized.

Version history

In Japan, an update for Sushi and Tempura that includes the features introduced in Sukiyaki was released on the same day the latter game was released. Physical Japanese versions of Sukiyaki included an Enma Awoken Medal.[5]

Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura
Version Release date Official changelog More information
1.1[6] July 16, 2016
1.2[6] August 5, 2016 Adds Android Yamada to battle in the game. Downloading the updates gives the player a Five-Star Coin.
1.3[6] August 31, 2016
1.4[6] September 28, 2016
2.0[6] December 15, 2016 Base version for Sukiyaki.
2.1[6] December 28, 2016
2.2[6] January 18, 2017 Allows the player to befriend four new Yo-kai.
2.3[6] January 27, 2017
3.0[7] April 14, 2017
4.0[8] August 30, 2017 Changelog for v4.0 via Gematsu
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki
Version Release date Official changelog More information
2.2[6] Allows the player to befriend four new Yo-kai.
3.0[7] April 14, 2017
4.0[9] August 30, 2017 Changelog for v4.0 via Gematsu

Yo-kai Watch 3 (EU/AU/NZ)

Version Release date Official changelog More information
1.0 December 7, 2018 (EU) December 8, 2018 (AU/NZ) Base Version

Yo-kai Watch 3 (NA)

Version Release date Official changelog More information
1.0 Feburary 8, 2019 Base Version This is perhaps the same as the EU/AU/NZ release; the only difference is the region coding for the data link, so it is compatible with the NA releases of Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch Blasters.

Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki

Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki is an updated version of Sushi and Tempura that was released exclusively in Japan, and was the basis for the international releases of Yo-kai Watch 3 (which was a modified Sukiyaki v4.0).

  • Yo-kai Watch Blasters T is a new evolved version of Yo-kai Watch Blasters. The player can go out and find hidden treasures in Egyptian or temple-themed dungeons and fight against giant Boss Yo-kai.
  • Four God Yo-kai will make their appearance if Sukiyaki is connected with Sushi and Tempura.
  • Much like Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters, you will have an instance in the game, where it is of choosing between Sushi (Koma Knomads) or Tempura (Tomnyan) when playing Sukiyaki, during Nate's story arc.
    • This feature is still present in the international release of the game, despite having only one version.


Yo-kai Watch 3 has sold 632,135 copies in Japan in its first week, leading only to the sales that the video game series has sold a total of 10 million copies in Japan alone. Since August 2016, the games sold over one million copies in Japan.[10]


  • Yo-kai Watch 3 is the first Yo-kai Watch game in the series that takes place in a different country next to Japan. It is also the first for it being:
    • The first game where the player gets to obtain more than two Yo-kai Watch model variants within the same game.
    • The first game where there are version-exclusive Legendary Yo-kai, with Princess Pearl being exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi, Asura being exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 3: Tempura, and Whyvern King being exclusive to Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki. These three all make an appearance in the international release as well, where they still have their respective Sushi, Tempura and Sukiyaki-themed pages.
  • Sushi and Tempura, as well as Sukiyaki are all named after food dishes of Japan .
  • The timing of the original two games' release compared to the definitive version in Japan is near-identical to that of Yo-kai Watch 2, with the first two versions released in July and the third being released in December.
  • This is the very first Yo-kai Watch game to be released outside of Japan in Europe before North America.
  • So far, this is the only game in the series that has multiple versions in Japan, while being a single definitive release in other countries.
  • On the German cover art of Yo-kai Watch 3, Tomnyan appears to be smaller, but is shown more fully. This is the case with the USK game rating sticker. On the main European cover art, as well as on the North American cover, Tomnyan's legs seem to be hidden from view.
    • Australia/New Zealand's cover also has Tomnyan's legs hidden from view, but he's instead moved to the side, to make room for the ACB/OFLC label.
    • Usapyon, along with the stylized number 3, is featured as the icon on the side of European game cases. Typically, these icons are used in the 3DS home menu to launch the game. However, the icon from Sukiyaki with Awakened Enma (minus the "Su") is used instead.
  • Unlike other games in the series that include multi-language support on European copies, this one only includes the default language of the game that it's set to; likely because of the large block space on the game card.
  • In the localized versions of Yo-kai Watch 3, the function to use the Dream Medals in the game was axed from the original Japanese game. This renders the use of the medals used in the DX Yo-kai Watch Dream toy completely region-locked; making them useless outside of the original Japanese release. However, in its place, there is an alternate option to encounter The Seven Gods of Fortune, because of the removal of the Dream Medals, and that is via Ghastly Fragments. Wobblenyan and Wibblekoma are also obtainable through QR code because Yo-kai Watch WIbble Wobble was shut down internationally.
    • This is similar to the Iron Oni Force machine in Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Moon Rabbit Crew being removed from the free update. Though, the new update to Moon Rabbit Crew also fixed the problem with the Iron Oni Force machine's removal, making the game being fully able to be 100% completed.
  • The localization version of "Yo-kai Watch 3" combines Sushi, Tempura, and Sukiyaki all in one version, with Sukiyaki being the base version. It's comparable to the Japanese 4.0 versions.


Starting icon

Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi 3DS icon.
Yo-kai Watch 3: Tempura 3DS icon.
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki 3DS icon.


Yo-kai Watch 3 logo
Yo-kai Watch 3 orginal logo.
Yo-kai Watch 3 English Logo.
Yo-kai Watch 3 Sushi logo
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi logo.
Yo-kai Watch 3 Tempura logo
Yo-kai Watch 3: Tempura logo.
Yo-kai Watch 3 S&T logo
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura logo.
Yo-kai Watch 3 Sukiyaki logo
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki logo.
Yo-kai Watch 3 STS logo
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi, Tempura and Sukiyaki logo.

Box art

Yo-kai Watch 3 Sushi box art
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi box art.
Yo-kai Watch 3 Tempura box art
Yo-kai Watch 3: Tempura box art.
Tempura Busters T Pack
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi/Tempura Busters T Pack Box art.
Yo-kai Watch 3 Sukiyaki cover
Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki Box art.
Yo-kai Watch 3 European cover
European Box Art
Yo-kai Watch 3 Germany cover
German box art
New Zealand cover
Australia/New Zealand box art

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