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Yo-Kai Watch Land
Yo-kai Watch Land logo
Developer Level-5
Publisher Level-5
Genre Moblie Application
Platforms iOS
Release dates NAJanuary 3, 2016
EUSpring 2016

Yo-kai Watch Land is a mobile game developed and published by Level-5's western branch LEVEL-5 abby. The game was released in North America on January 3, 2016 and in Europe somewhere during the Spring of 2016 for the iOS and Android.


Imagine Yo-kai in the palm of your hand!
Take selfies, play mini-games, and scan your Yo-kai Medals to bring Yo-kai to life on your mobile device!


iOS Android
iOS 8+ Samsung Galaxy S4
iPhone 5+ Samsung Galaxy S5
iPad 3+ Samsung Galaxy S6
iPod Touch 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Motorola Moto G
Xiaomi M4
Other devices may be compatible but are not supported. Updates affect compatibility.

QR code compatibilaty

The player can scan Hasbro's new Yo-kai Watch toys to see them come alive on screen. The player can scan their QR code that is on the back of the medals to add them to their collection, which they can use to play minigames. The player can also take pictures of their collected Yo-kai.


The player can play minigames to level up and complete challenges with thei Yo-kai. This give the player experience points, which in turn will level the Yo-kai up. When the player levels up, they will unlock more minigames and stickers, which can be used in the photo booth.

Bucket Challenge

This minigame can only be played when the Yo-kai the player choose is of the Tribe of the day. In the Bucket Challenge the player can play as Whisper and collect falling Crank-a-kai coins in a bucket. In order to play, the player also have to collect bucket in the minigame of their choice.

Robo Choco

In this minigame, Robonyan wants a chocobar, but is left with none. The player must collect Crank-a-kai coins and Cacao Beans, as well avoiding bombs and cat arms to fill a Choco Meter, so the player can win as many points as possible.

Manji Mess

This minigame is basically pinball, but the player can control the ball which in fact is a Yo-kai Medal, by tilting the device and swiping. The player must get many points as possible.


  • The Yo-kai Watch Land app shares similarities to the Yo-kai Pad toy in Japan as both scans medals, view Yo-kai data, and play with apps. However, the Yo-kai Pad toy features more useful apps but cannot take photos or update itself and requires batteries. This was probably done to save money for Hasbro and appeal to the mobile market.


Yo-kai Watch Land logo
Yo-kai Watch Land logo.
Yo-kai Watch Land icon
Yo-kai Watch Land icon.

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