The Yo-kai Watch franchise contains several musical themes that are appearing in games, movies, or the animated franchise. In the anime series there is a opening and ending. The opening shows the introduction song to the anime and ending shows the outro of the anime. There are also soundtracks in the series known as background music. There are also songs that has been renewed in the west.

Opening themes

Japanese opening themes

Nr. Title Japanese Romanji Episodes
1 Geragerapo no Uta ゲラゲラポーのうた Geragerapō no Uta 1–36, 51
2 Hatsukoitoge de Geragerapo 初恋峠でゲラゲラポー Hatsukoitōge de Geragerapō 38–46, 48–50, 53–61

English opening themes

Ending themes

Japanese ending themes

English ending themes

Original soundtrack

Japanese singles

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