Yoko Morino
Yoko Morino full body shot
Age 11
Hometown Springdale

Yoko Morino (Japanese: 森野ようこ Morino Youko)


Yoko is a short girl who wears a pink outfit and a white hoodie underneath, she also has short brown hair which is tied into a really short ponytail. Her socks are while and her socks are not really long or short, they're more in the middle. She wears shoes that are light pink mixed with a darker shade.



Abilities and Powers

Though not exactly actual moves, due to her carelessness, Inaho states that she activates (not on purpose) 48 Careless Superhuman Techniques (Japanese: 48のうっかり超人技 Yon-Juu-Hachi no Ukkari Choujin-waza). So far in the anime, only 7 have been revealed.

  • Yoko-chan Missile (Japanese: ようこちゃんミサイル Youko-chan Misairu)
  • Yoko-chan Hole in One (Japanese: ようこちゃんホールインワン Youko-chan Hooru in Wan)
  • Yoko-chan Food Attack (Japanese: ようこちゃんフードアタック Youko-chan Fuudo Atakku)
  • Yoko-chan Niagara Drop (Japanese: ようこちゃんナイアガラ落とし Youko-chan Naiagara Otoshi)
  • Yoko-chan Free Fall (Japanese: ようこちゃんフリーフォール Youko-chan Furii Fooru)
  • Yoko-chan Face Dive (Japanese: ようこちゃん顔面ダイブ Youko-chan Ganmen Daibu)
  • Yoko-chan Curry Goemon Bath (Japanese: ようこちゃんカレー五右衛門風呂 Youko-chan Karee Goemonburo)



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