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The Yoroz Mart is a chain of stores that operate in Japan and sell various pieces of Yo-kai Watch merchandise.


The store is fitted out with stylish furnishings, with one chain including the real-life recreation of the Crank-a-kai, that includes collectable Yo-kai Medals. They play the songs from the Yo-kai Watch soundtrack and sometimes the opening themes and ending themes as background music. One of the stores has a real-life Banter Bakery, where they sell freshly-baked food themed after the characters.

Occasionally, the store will go under a Terror Time event where the lights will be dimmed, some of the staff members will be wearing an Oni cloak and everyone is advised to move slowly and not get caught. When they are caught, the store goes through a countdown phase while scenes of Nate getting chased by Gargaros from the anime are played as the visuals. When the countdown ends, the lights in the store go back to normal.

There are nine chains that operate across Japan. The first ever store that opened was in the Lalaport TOYOSU, that is located in Koto, Tokyo, Japan. It opened in late 2015, which was sometime around when the third version of Yo-kai Watch Busters came out. In summer 2016, a few more stores opened across parts of Japan and more are expected to be opened.



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